Electronic Waivers Done Right

Thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, signing an electronic waiver with an electronic signature (eSign) is now considered as legally binding as a signature on paper. And, thanks to WaiverSign, gathering signatures on electronic waivers is not only incredibly easy, but also secured via SSL, OAuth 2.0, Amazon Web Services Cloud Storage and other top-end security protocols.

WaiverSign emails the electronic waiver to each participant immediately following the signing of the waiver, thereby giving the participant(s) more time to review the waiver. In contrast, paper liability waivers are often presented immediately prior to participation, giving the participant very little time to fully review the agreement (an argument many participants often make in court). Also, participants who sign paper waivers do not generally receive a copy of their signed paper waiver, whereas WaiverSign automatically emails an electronic copy of the signed liability waiver to participants, allowing ample time (if participants signed in advance) to review the liability waiver again.

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