How WaiverSign Works

Online Waiver & Release of Liability

Creating an online waiver or converting your existing paper waiver into an online waiver is a fairly simple process. We walk you through the steps here and then give you some options to sign a sample waiver / release of liability online. Here are the steps you’d follow in WaiverSign to be up and running with your own online waiver. Simply setup, send, sign and store!

Setup your Online Waiver

Easily convert your existing paper waiver or agreement. Within a few minutes, you'll be ready to collect signatures and participant information using your new online waiver!

  • Create a custom title and content to fit your business.
  • Adjust the formatting with easy editing tools.
  • Modify your online waiver at any time.

Send your Waiver

Following registration or a reservation, participants are emailed a link to their online waiver with a super easy signing process. Alternatively, you can present your waiver inside a kiosk at your location or link to it from your website.

  • Eliminate the time and expense of handling of paper waivers.
  • Better manage your liability exposure by allowing participants to read and sign waivers in advance vs. immediately before participation.
  • Give participants flexibility to complete online waivers onsite from a tablet or from a smartphone.

Signing the Online Waiver

Participants fill in their personal information and apply their signature to the online waiver. You can even present multiple documents at once for quick and easy signing process.

  • Easy options for adults and minors.
  • No more illegible, handwritten participant information.
  • Dates and emails are verified for proper formatting.
  • More accurate data offers better liability protection and better marketing.

Store your Waivers

After participants have signed the online waiver, a PDF version with a unique document id is securely stored for every participant.

  • Eliminate the disorganized box or file cabinet full of paper waivers.
  • Within seconds, locate and view a signed waiver from up to 10 years ago.
  • Participants receive a link to access signed documents, further reducing your liability exposure as they have additional opportunities to read your waiver.

Try it for Yourself!

Check out an example online Waiver with WaiverSign.

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