Online Waiver Software Reviews

WaiverSign ticked all the boxes for our organization. It’s more environmentally friendly, more efficient, and so easy to use! Now we can be well prepared before an event with no hassle and cost of hard copies.”

Stephanie Quintrell

Forces Wives Challenge

All my clients sign a digital waiver before the day of their tour or lesson, so we don’t waste any time doing paperwork. I also love that we both can get a copy and it’s easy for me to access my signed waivers at any time.

Alex Martens

Ozark Bike Guides

We use WaiverSign for all of our waivers and other client onboarding documents. We absolutely love it! It’s fast, it’s easy, and it actually makes the entire experience feel and look more professional! Well worth it!

Justin Bolkema

BRelentless Training & Sports Performance

WaiverSign provides a streamlined software making our processes easier for guests and employees. If you would like to simplify signing documents and use an effective and secure software, WaiverSign is for you!

Barron Roddey

Hickory Point RV Park

As a small business owner, having peace of mind on liability concerns has allowed me to focus on other areas that improve my business. WaiverSign provides a quick and easy way to peace of mind.

John Howard

Camping Easy

WaiverSign has saved us more time than anything. We are able to get customers ready to play faster than ever before. It keeps everything organized and we love that families can quickly sign waivers together.

Jacob Monterroso

Mont10 Gellyball

WaiverSign makes it easy for event attendees, volunteers, and staff to sign and check for waivers. Saving time (and trees) is especially important as a nonprofit in the environmental sector. We also love having a bilingual waiver!

Kasey Dutrow

Potomac Riverkeeper Network

WaiverSign is an intuitive, user-friendly waiver execution system. The Events feature makes it especially effective for group activities where it is important to separate events for verification of waiver execution.

Chris Brooks

Chicago Yachting

WaiverSign is faster, easier to follow, and I can set the release form up how I need it. I send a link to each reservation and have them fill it out before they arrive at the facility. It makes our process so much easier.

April Rasmussen

Aquarium Encounters

I use WaiverSign to have participants sign liability waivers for our motocross training camps. The system is very easy to use, it helps me keep track of all my riders, and the support team is always able to help with any questions.

Kurt Shroyer

Inside the Gate Drop

Before WaiverSign I would run out of our paper forms and had issues storing our release forms. WaiverSign now makes it easy to track and store. And when I hand our iPad to the client, it looks so much more professional.

Joey Sparacino

Silicon Valley Athletics

WaiverSign is definitely worth the affordable fee. It’s a very valuable service, easy to navigate, and great customer service. We now save more time and can easily access information any time we need it.

Mystie Beckwith

Karma Kat Cafe

DEFINITELY sign up for WaiverSign! The team is quick to respond if you have questions, set up is a breeze, and it's affordable peace of mind for anyone hosting events or programs that require a waiver.

Sydney Williams

Hiking My Feelings

WaiverSign is quick, easy, and convenient for my clients to access and fill out the release form. There’s no paperwork, no hassle with where to keep them, and confidentiality is built right into the system!

Heather Mulherin

Lotus and Jade Reiki

WaiverSign has replaced our constant backlog of individually-made PDF trail permits with far more effective process. WaiverSign is efficient and has friendly customer service, all at a reasonable cost.

Kelsey Bracewell

Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail

WaiverSign is easy and easy and easy. I’ve integrated it on my website and it allows my clients the ability to easily sign the release. It’s convenient, saves paper, and a great price for the subscription.

Minh Dinh

Rage Room

When mobilizing 1000 volunteers in short windows of time, paper waivers are too time-consuming and difficult to track down. WaiverSign has made the process infinitely easier on our volunteers and administrators!

Patrick Propst

Serve Noblesville

We wanted an efficient online solution for new members to complete waivers and membership forms without the hassle of paper. WaiverSign gives us convenience and easy record keeping. It’s a great platform that is reliable

Sherrilyn Walters

Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia

WaiverSign has given us an easy location to store signed waivers and collect important contact data from our volunteers. Customer service is great. I can get someone almost immediately and don’t have to wait days for a response

Preston Ross III

Preston Ross III The Great Raleigh Cleanup

We’ve been able to save more money just by using WaiverSign. It has made it so much easier to get waivers to volunteers in advance or have them sign with a QR code with they get here. Give it a try! It will change the way you work.

Tyrei Hanlon


WaiverSign has streamlined our entire process and made it extremely easy for our guests. Having a downloadable list of contacts and waivers that have been submitted is so convenient for us and saves a lot of time.

Rachael Weiner

Cosumnes River Ranch

I've tried all the waiver systems and WaiverSign is the best. With others, there were always issues and no customer service on weekends when I needed them. Moved to WaiverSign and started using QR codes and I've basically forgotten about it.

Beau Sisul

Lone Star Party Boat Rental Lake Travis

We love being able to add custom questions to the release form. We can now gather key information before the trip such as wetsuit size, shoe sizes, medical info. Going paperless and getting the info on a spreadsheet has been so beneficial.

Francios-Xavier Gagnon

West Coast Canyoning Adventures

We wanted to reduce touch areas and decided to implement an online check-in system. Guests are able to check in up to a week in advance using our custom WaiverSign forms. I would recommend it to every hospitality establishment

Lische van der Merwe

Banhoek Lodge Guest House

We love that WaiverSign helps eliminate paper waste and allows our Swim Club guests to finalize their membership agreement and liability waiver online

Rebecca Friday

El Rey Court

WaiverSign is simple and easy to use. Most people are on the go, so being able to access the hold harmless agreement online through their phone is a game-changer. Every last client has said the process is super easy.

Dawn Riggins

APX360 Health, Fitness & Sports Performance

Having clients fill out the form before arrival saves us time and energy. We have a QR code on our check-in desk in case customers didn’t use the link or forgot. It’s quick and easy for them to fill out the form on their own device.

Erin Temple

The Waxing Room

We use WaiverSign for repair contracts, layaway contracts, and trade-in contracts. Everything is easy and paperless. My employees feel it is much more efficient. For the price and productivity savings, it’s basically free.

Thomas Sansone

Video Game Trader

I needed a way for clients across the globe to sign my waiver conveniently and efficiently. After much research, WaiverSign was the obvious answer. The first impression means everything.

Shelby Lynn

Ki Collectors

WaiverSign makes the setup easy and seamless and makes the waiver review and signature process less intimidating to customers. I love the ease and simplicity that my clients can sign directly from my website.

Shaina Cales

Spark Running

Save the paper and headache of having to scan or file documents! WaiverSign has made the process seamless for both our staff and members at the studio. We wish we would have started using it from day one!

Gabby Scherle

Volofit Apply Valley

I emailed our patient attestation to the WaiverSign customer support team and they gave it back to me in a fillable form for a kiosk in our waiting room. It works fabulously! We have had no issues at all with it since its implementation.

Denise Odachowski

Positive Energy

Prior to discovering WaiverSign, our customers had to print, sign, scan & email the release forms back to us. We’ve had a 100% return from our customers since implementing this hassle-free software!

Laurie Roth

Stall High

WaiverSign is a worthy investment. I now have better organization, avoid wasting paper, and take care of the environment. I like that my clients have time to read the liability waiver because it is sent prior to the activity.

Fernando Luis


Sign up now! I wish had done so years ago. It’s faster for families and large groups. It’s more convenient than filling out papers at the beach. Our customers always comment how easy and user-friendly WaiverSign is.

Dean Lyon

Ocean Outfitters

WaiverSign is so convenient. Members can easily sign the waiver and photo release form from their phones in less than a minute. It gives me peace of mind and I think the pricing is very affordable for what it offers.

Andres Gomez

Calgary Cycling Club

I switched to WaiverSign to reduce the use and collection of paper. My screening had increased and led to 3 pages per client for my consent form. WaiverSign is far more efficient and reduces the use of precious resources.

India Amara Nicholls

India Amara

Give WaiverSign a try! You will not regret it! This has been so much easier for our volunteers. As a nonprofit organization, we have to be careful with use of our funds. WaiverSign is very reasonably priced for our needs!

Anissa Shores

Save the Cats Arizona

So much easier! I can now send my travel services agreement, general liability disclaimer, and waiver to clients with a single link. With other e-signature products, I had to recreate or upload a new version of the document each time

Priscilla Holmes

Cilla Travel

Waiver Sign has made the process of our guests signing a liability release waiver extremely easy and has helped us to rest at night with some extra peace of mind. Our customers love the ease of use and the simple format!

Sarah Gutekunst

Lamplighter Farms

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