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Sm Waiversign Code of Conduct
What Is a Code of Conduct & What Does It Cover? | WaiverSign
A code of conduct (CoC) is a set of guidelines or code of ethics that helps to ensure that all community members involved in a particular...
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Tanned Blonde Model
What Is a Model Release Form Used For? | WaiverSign
A model release form is a legal document that permits a photographer or other artist to use a person's likeness in a work of art. The...
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Woman Doing Crunches
Personal Trainers adopt Digital Liability Waivers
Being cooped up by the pandemic may mean copping out on exercise. But spring brings the urge to take our bodies to task once again. A...
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Exculpatory Clauses and Your Business
Adding an Exculpatory Clause to a Commercial Agreement.
The vast majority of cases involving releases and express assumption of risk agreements arise in the context of membership or...
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Why Its Dangerous to Use a Waiver Template
Waiver Templates - Should I Use One?
Waivers have been a necessity for a number of businesses for decades now, but thanks to a global pandemic, they’re more popular than...
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Choice of Law Forum Selection Clauses Waivers
Choice of Law and Forum Selection Clauses in Waivers – Do They Matter?
A common question in my practice is: “What is the point of a clause in a waiver indicating what state’s law applies and where a lawsuit...
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Liability Waivers for Employees
Liability Waivers for Employees
Often, different states have different rules for waivers, but one thing is consistent across the country: when it comes to thinking about...
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Attorneys Fees Provisions
Attorney's Fees Provisions & Fitness Liability Waivers
Health clubs, horseback riding facilities, sports teams, and other sports and recreation facilities are constantly being sued for...
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Medical Liability Waivers
Medical Liability Waivers
Here at WaiverSign, we talk a lot about liability waivers for tour and activity operators, but they're not the only businesses that need...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 7 Why Waiversign
Benefits of WaiverSign Online Waivers
WaiverSign as a digital waiver solution has a number of advantages over its competitors. In this section, we break down the benefits, and...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 8 Faqs
Online Waiver Questions from Tour Companies
In this final section, we’ll answer a host of excellent questions from tour companies regarding the online waiver process, how WaiverSign...
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Informed Parental Consent Form
Consent, Informed Consent, Parental Consent Forms
As kids, we all learned how to get permission to do things (some of us more than others). Once we became adults, we may have thought that...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 6 Working With Atta
WaiverSign and ATTA Partnership
WaiverSign is one of those digital waiver solutions we recommended using, and in this section, we provide some background on our company,...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 5 Going Digital
Electronic Waiver Benefits
Ok, so we've covered the basics of waivers, and whether they're necessary to address COVID concerns. But doing it all on paper is kind of...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 4 the Covid Factor
Liability Waivers for COVID
COVID-19 poses a lot of unique challenges to the travel industry, and a lot of operators are wondering how to proceed. One of the biggest...
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Photo Release Forms a Flash Course
A Better Way to Sign Photo Release Forms
So you need a photo release form. Maybe you’re just starting your photography business, and you need a way to get the rights to use your...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 3 Key Components
Key Components of a Liability Waiver
There are six key components that go into a liability waiver to make it a solid agreement. If some of these are overlooked or not...
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Liability Waiver What to Include
What to Include in a Liability Waiver
Liability waivers, also called liability releases forms, are routinely used by businesses. This includes travel companies, outdoor...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 2 How to Write One
How to Write a Liability Waiver
Writing a liability waiver is something that should not be taken lightly. Snagging a template online and calling it good could spell...
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Online Waivers Digital Release Forms Part 1 Why Waivers
What Is a Liability Waiver?
A waiver has two primary purposes. First, it informs participants about "inherent risks" (i.e., potential risks that come baked into the...
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Personal Trainer Gyms Email
Personal Trainer and Gym Waivers
If you’re a personal trainer or the owner of a gym, you face some unique challenges in your line of work. Your customers and clientele...
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Smartwaiver Vs Waiversign
Smartwaiver vs. WaiverSign
As human beings, we tend to compare things a lot. We compare cars, we compare hairstyles, and we compare a lot of other things we're not...
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Digital Waiver on Ipad
Liability Waiver Best Practices
While ensuring that you have a well-drafted, accurate, and legally compliant liability waiver or release is important, an often...
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Lookup Signed Documents
Can I download my online waiver
Using online waivers can save you time, space, and money. WaiverSign offers many great features that do just that. One is the ability to...
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Waiversign Flow Landing Page
3 ways to improve your online waiver
Think about all the online waivers you have ever signed. Picture them in your head. What did they look like? Were they easy to understand...
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Electronic Signature on Ipad With Keyboard
One Reason to use Digital Waivers
What do you do when you have a situation at your business and you can’t find the signed waiver? I recently spoke with a business owner...
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Espn Wide World of Sports
Digital Waivers and Baseball Tournaments
We’re in the car traveling back home from our son’s baseball tournament at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney, so I have...
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Fudge Brownies
The Brownie Connection
This brownie recipe is so good that I should make you sign a waiver before making and eating the entire pan by yourself! All kidding...
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Electronic Signature on White Ipad
Advantages of Electronic Waivers Over Paper
Thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act), which was passed into law in 2000, signing an...
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Online Waiver Kiosk and Phone
3 Keys to Digital Waiver Success
Digital signature collection is here to stay. From Photo and Media Releases, to Releases of Liability, when it comes to signatures, there...
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