Can I Download My Online Waiver?
Candace Woodbury  |  April 6th, 2020

Easily download and print your online waiver

Using online waivers can save you time, space, and money. WaiverSign offers many great features that do just that. One is the ability to store unlimited online waiver documents indefinitely, allowing you to retrieve them within a matter of seconds from your secure “Cloud Vault”.

We know that there will be situations when you may need to download or print a signed document. We’ve made it easy for you to locate, download as a .pdf file, and print any signed document directly from the "signed documents" section in WaiverSign or directly from the guest’s record in just a few clicks.

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Do I have the ability to export all my customers’ signed online waivers?

At any time you can export all signed online waivers from the "signed documents" section in WaiverSign. With just a few clicks you will have downloaded all your documents as .pdf files organized together in a .zip file.

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Ready to let WaiverSign help you streamline your business? Get started with a free Demo account today and see for yourself how thorough, sophisticated, and easy WaiverSign is to use, for both you and your customers.

Candace Woodbury

By Candace Woodbury

Candace is a Support Specialist for Resmark Systems and WaiverSign. Her passions include finding a great cup of coffee, reading, journaling, and pastel painting. She also enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and paddle boarding with her husband and two Norwegian Elkhounds.