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Make Your Liability Waivers Easier for Your Horseback Trail Rides or Other Equine Activities

Horseback riding and equine activities are fun, character-building activities that people of all ages and skillsets enjoy. Whether you're offering horse rides through trails on your farm or you offer equine activities and horseback tours or even lessons at your equestrian center, you'll need a liability waiver for everyone who wants to saddle up. While horse rides can be great fun, there's always a risk of injury, even for experienced riders. When you consider that many large groups that want to go on these rides are beginners, the need for liability waivers becomes even clearer.

Even experienced equestrians can fall off their own horse, and injuries like bruises, sprains, and even fractures to the arms are common as riders try to break their falls. There's also the possibility of serious injuries to the pelvis and spine, and particularly bad falls can be life-threatening if they injure the neck or head. Poor weather conditions can also make any obstacle more dangerous than usual. Whether customers are just taking leisurely rides or really putting themselves (and your horses) through their paces in an obstacle course, the last thing you'll want to deal with is a lawsuit that ties you up in court and takes money away from your business.

When you're inviting people to your ranch or equestrian center, you'll need a convenient and reliable way to provide release of liability forms to both protect yourself and prove to your customers that you're taking the right steps to protect them. The most efficient and convenient way to set up contracts and waiver forms for your horseback riders and equestrian events is with WaiverSign.


How to Collect Your Equine Liability Waivers Online

Creating online horseback riding liability waivers will make your life easier and your operation more efficient. The best part is that getting set up with WaiverSign is as easy as one, two, three...

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Send your current liability waiver

Simply send us a printed copy of your existing horseback riding waiver, and our team will get to work digitizing your information. If you need help, ask about our resources.

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Secure your electronic signatures

When customers make reservations for horseback rides, you can send them a link to your waiver through an email, on your website, or have them sign on their own devices with a QR code.

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Securely store your past waiver

Some horseback riding injuries, like concussions, may not be immediately obvious, so you'll need to maintain a copy of every liability release form that has been signed.

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Get Affordable Pricing and Greater Convenience With Digital Waivers

Setting up your own horseback riding business can be complex and involved, as can be setting up comprehensive liability waivers. The last thing you need when customers arrive is to realize you got caught up in your core business activities and forgot to print paper waivers or left them behind. Avoid setting your operation back with lost time and confusion by going digital. You'll be able to take care of all the liability stuff up front without the need to keep freshly printed waivers on hand, so the entire process is easier than ever
  • Simplify your horseback riding waivers with our digital platform.
  • Get electronic signatures faster.
  • Save money by avoiding printed waivers.
  • Verify client information in moments.

When you choose WaiverSign, you'll get 50 signed activity waivers each month, and you can add additional signed waivers as your operation expands for just 10 cents each. Try out our services with a free trial account, and test all our functions to see if we're a good fit for you.

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Collect and Track the Right Information for Release of Liability

Different events or activities can require different release of liability forms, and you'll need to make sure that you have the correct information for each one. For example, hosting an obstacle course event may require different liability forms than hosting a beginner trail on your ranch or at your equestrian center.

With WaiverSign, you can make the perfect liability forms for any situation to legally protect your operation, whether injury claims are due to accidents on a course, customers violating weight limit policies, or any other cause. If you realize that you need more information from your customers after they've signed, you can always modify your existing waiver templates. On the other hand, if you find that some waiver questions are no longer necessary, you can drop them from your forms, and your waiver template will be updated accordingly.

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Get Simplified Liability Waivers for Minors

Many children fantasize about being a cowboy or cowgirl, and there's no doubt that you'll be hosting some on your trails, so you'll need a quick, easy way for parents to sign waivers in case of a child's injury. With WaiverSign's digital process, parents and guardians will be able to sign waivers for themselves and the kids, all with a single click. Our software generates individual waivers for each of your participants, so you can securely store them for your records, and you can provide parents and guardians with their own copies of their liability waivers.

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Experience a More Professional Image With a Convenient Waiver Process and Custom Branding

There's no doubt that you've put a great deal of thought and work into getting your horseback riding operation running, and we'll help you attain and keep the professional image you deserve. When customers see how simple your waiver process is compared to your competitors, they'll remember how smoothly everything went with your brand, and they'll be more likely to come back.

Our success managers will help you make sure that you have everything you need to impress customers and save money when you sign up for our services, including branding all of your waiver forms for you. It's often said that retaining existing customers is easier than bringing in new ones, and we aim to help you do both.

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Make a Great First Impression With Easy Check-in for New Riders

First impressions can often make the difference between securing new customers or losing them to the competition, and avoiding the trouble of paper waivers with WaiverSign will go a long way toward making that great first impression. Digital waivers are easy to sign and store, and they also give customers the opportunity to read your forms before they meet you, so they won't feel pressured to sign quickly when they arrive. In fact, they won't even have to worry about waivers when they arrive for their reservations. Since you already have them, you can simply check your new customers in and get on with the fun.

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Customize Horseback Riding Waivers for All Your Needs

With WaiverSign, you'll be able to improve every section of your waivers at any time, including updating them with new legal terms or inherent risks involved in your activities. Divide your waivers into easy-to-read sections that point out all of the most important information and even require initials for a certain section, or allow your customers to accept or decline the wearing of a riding helmet. Try It Free
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Securely Store All Your Digitally-Signed Horseback Riding Waivers

Injuries that occur in stables and around horses aren't always obvious right away, nor are their causes, which is why it's so crucial that you have a secure way to store digital waivers, so you can retrieve them in the future if the need arises. Going digital also has added benefits like preventing your forms from being ruined by spills and other damage, and you won't have to worry about file cabinets, storage boxes, or finding other ways to collect physical forms.

With WaiverSign, your waivers will also be backed up in the cloud, so even if there's an incident that's preventing you from retrieving waivers from your own system, we can still get them to you in just a few clicks. Go digital with us today to experience greater convenience, save money, and most importantly, gain the confidence that optimized waiver forms and secure storage brings.

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Need to Sign More Than Horseback Riding Waiver Forms?

WaiverSign can help you gather digital signatures on just about any type of waiver or release form that you need to have signed repeatedly. Your clients will love how easy it is, and you’ll love getting organized and saving time.

Who uses WaiverSign?

Whether you provide an experience, manage events, promote healthy lifestyles, or help with personal care, you’ll find WaiverSign’s online waivers and digital release forms will save you time and money. WaiverSign’s online waiver software makes managing waivers simple.


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