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Make Signing Your Waiver an Effortless Experience

Your yoga studio is designed to help people relax, find balance, be strengthened, and de-stress. Don’t let singing paper liability forms be the thing that disrupts that experience. With digital waivers, creating or modifying your release and waiver of liability form is easy - and signing is even easier. There’s no more need to constantly keep paper copies on hand and store them for years. Whether you're a yoga studio owner, a yoga teacher, or an independent contractor, teaching a full class, or just leading a private session, getting your documents online will keep you organized, make you look more professional, and simplify your process.


Getting Your Yoga Liability Waiver Form Online

Use WaiverSign to create and administer your custom waiver form. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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Send us your waiver

Our WaiverSign team will convert your current waiver to a digital version.

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Your students sign online

Add your new liability waiver link to your website, emails, QR code, or kiosk.

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Signed waivers are securely stored

Your signed documents are securely stored and retrievable in seconds.

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Why Make Your Yoga Waiver Form Digital?

No one wants to sign paper documents anymore. Over the past several years, businesses have been continually moving away from paper, and your clients have likely come to expect liability waivers to be online as a result. Presenting your yoga waiver electronically will dramatically improve your process of collecting signatures and help you provide better service.

  • Easier for you and your students
  • Contactless and paperless
  • Less expensive than printing and storing
  • Easy to look up any contact or document in seconds
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Common questions asked by yoga studio owners

Please Note: The information on this website is intended for informational purposes only. These are common questions that we are asked and our responses are general information. The information and materials on this website, including the questions and answers, are not intended to be, nor should they be interpreted as, legal advice or opinion.

What is the purpose of a liability waiver?

In general, any "waiver" is simply an agreement wherein someone gives up their right to do something. The right to sue over personal injury or some form of personal harm sustained during a yoga class is waived in most cases with a liability waiver. The risks are clearly explained in the waiver to each student before they participate in the class.

Do I really need a waiver for my yoga classes?

Like wearing a helmet when we go out for a bike ride, we don't anticipate crashing and hitting our head, but the helmet is there just in case it happens - and helmets have saved many lives! When the potential of personal injury exists, attorneys generally agree that a well-written waiver can be an important part of creating a sufficient barrier to provide you protection and peace of mind. Will it exempt you from ever getting sued? No, but most yoga studio owners find that having a liability waiver specific to their yoga practice provides peace of mind and even a higher level of professionalism when done right.

Should I use a yoga waiver template for my business?

Nearly every attorney will strongly recommend a custom-written waiver for your yoga business, pilates studio, or training program. But why wouldn't they? They get to bill you for creating that custom document, right? That said, one of the challenges frequently seen with templates is that the waiver template doesn't properly address the specific inherent risks in your business and the template generally won't address the specific location of your business and specific laws surrounding that location. It may be worth investing a little to get your document right up front.

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Collect Your Yoga Liability Waivers Simply & Quickly

Since students and attendees can’t participate until they’ve signed, requiring participants to sign on paper can delay the start of a class or make check-in a bit more of a hassle. With digital waivers, sharing the form happens with a single link, and signing happens online, so they can sign anywhere, anytime—even weeks in advance. You can even collect electronic signatures on other documents such as a membership agreement or payment agreement.

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How to Gather the Right Information with Each Waiver

Every yoga class waiver is different, because every yoga studio is different. You have specific information you need to collect about your students, and that information may change over time. Make it easy on yourself with digital waivers that are easy to customize, easy to change, and easy for guests to fill out. Require whatever information you need (for legal, marketing, or other purposes), and collect it accurately and legibly every time.

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Make Your Yoga Liability Waiver Look More Professional

Every interaction that people have before their class reflects on you and your business. Emails, phone conversations, website visits, and social media interactions all have an impact on how people remember your brand. Make the look and feel of the class liability waiver process stand out from start to finish with custom branding on your documents.

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Improve and Simplify Your Check-In Process

First impressions are critical. Rather than immediately providing papers to sign upon arrival, give your students the opportunity to read your class waiver form before signing it. You’ll make the check-in process faster by reducing the paperwork required upon arrival and make it easier to account for all the signed waivers.

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Customize Your Yoga Studio Liability Waiver

Not only can you customize the language of your liability waiver to include appropriate inherent risks and other essential information critical to your business, but you can also customize the sections within your document.

  • Include accept or decline sections
  • Require initials for specific sections
  • Present custom fields in the waiver
  • Customize signing and age parameters
  • Present your waiver in different languages
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Secure your signed waivers in the cloud

If your studio hosts a decent number of students, the stacks of signed waivers can pile up really quickly. Storing them is a pain, and retrieving one is even worse. But with WaiverSign, signed waivers are stored securely in the cloud, taking up zero space and making them as easy to find as entering the student’s name. With securely stored digital waivers, you can rest easy knowing that every document is securely stored on Amazon Web Services and safe from physical dangers—like fire or water damage—that often threaten paper storage.

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More resources and education for yoga studios

Our friends at Ubindi, an intuitive booking and admin solution for independent instructors and small studios, hosted a helpful webinar to assist their business owners in better understanding the topic of liability waivers. This webinar features Cory Sterling, founder of Conscious Counsel and author of the Yoga Law Book.

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Ready to begin?

If you're excited to begin getting organized, begin simplifying your process, and begin finding greater peace of mind, WaiverSign has the solution for you. For what you'd spend on a sandwich once per month, WaiverSign will convert your waiver to a digital format, give you a simple link to use with your students, and store all your signed documents for the life of your account. Just click the button below, fill out the short form, and you'll be on your way.

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Need to Sign More Than Yoga Class Waiver Forms?

WaiverSign can help you gather digital signatures on just about any type of waiver or release form that you need to have signed repeatedly. Your clients will love how easy it is, and you’ll love getting organized and saving time.

Code of Conduct

Liability Waiver

COVID Waiver

Equipment Rental Agreement

Model Release Form

Volunteer Liability Waiver


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