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Cover liability for your renters as a bounce house operator.
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Get Your Liability Waivers for Bounce House Operation

Bounce houses are a fun and festive activity that many children love and enjoy. Whether you're a bounce house operator at a full-time facility or you rent inflatable bounce houses to various individuals, you'll need a liability waiver for anyone using your services. While bounce houses are exciting and entertaining, there is a risk of injury for any responsible party.

Any bouncer could be doing somersaults, high jumps, and flips within the inflatable bounce house, or they may simply collide with another bouncer. Serious injuries may include strains, sprains, cuts, bruises, and more. The last thing you want is to deal with is a lawsuit when you are just trying to show kids a fun time. As a bounce house owner who sends out rental contracts or welcomes customers into your facility, you'll need to add a release of liability form, so the responsible party acknowledges their job in keeping kids safe. The best way to set up your rental contract and waiver of liability is with WaiverSign.


How To Collect Your Bounce House Waivers Online

Creating an online bounce house liability waiver makes your life easier and your operations that much quicker. Getting set up with WaiverSign is as easy as one, two, three...

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Send your current liability waiver

Simply send a copy of your printable bounce house waiver to our team, and we'll get started digitizing that information.

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Secure those electronic signatures

When a renter requests to use your bounce house, send them the link to the waiver in an email, on your website, or with a QR code.

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Keep past waivers securely stored

Bounce house-related injuries are not always immediate, so it's important that you keep every release of liability form.

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Get Convenience and Affordable Pricing With Digital Waivers

The setup process for a bounce house can be busy and involved. The last thing you want is to get caught up doing something and realize you don't have a printed bounce house waiver or you left it behind. Go digital to avoid confusion like this and make signing release forms easier than ever. This will help you take care of everything upfront without worrying about keeping fresh copies on hand.

  • Simplify your waivers with a digital platform.
  • Get electronic signatures quicker.
  • Save money by not printing physical waiver copies.
  • Look up client information in moments.

With WaiverSign, you can get 50 signed activity waivers included each month, and you can add additional waivers as your business expands for only 10 cents each. Try it out with a trial account to test out our functions.

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Collect and Track the Correct Information for Release of Liability

Different release of liability forms require different pieces of information. If you are sending out a bounce house agreement form for renters, you'll need specific contact information and details about the event where your inflatable bounce house is being used. On the other hand, if you're operating a bounce house, you may need individual liability forms for every individual coming through the door.

Create the perfect liability form for any situation to provide an added layer of legal protection for your business against claims resulting bounce house injuries. If you discover that you need more information from your clients or renters later, you can modify existing waiver templates to include the new information. Likewise, you can drop existing questions if you discover they're no longer necessary, and all new waiver forms will be automatically updated.

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How to Gather the Right Information with Each Waiver

Every yoga class waiver is different, because every yoga studio is different. You have specific information you need to collect about your students, and that information may change over time. Make it easy on yourself with digital waivers that are easy to customize, easy to change, and easy for guests to fill out. Require whatever information you need (for legal, marketing, or other purposes), and collect it accurately and legibly every time.

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Improve First Impressions for Your New Participants

First impressions can mean everything for your bounce house operation, and avoiding the hassle of paper waivers with WaiverSign goes a long way toward making a more convenient sign up process and impressing new clients and renters. Digital waivers also give potential renters the chance to read over your forms before they even meet you, so they're not rushed to sign upon arrival. On their chosen rental day, they won’t even have to worry about waivers. You can simply check them and get the fun started.

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Improve and Simplify Your Check-In Process

First impressions are critical. Rather than immediately providing papers to sign upon arrival, give your students the opportunity to read your class waiver form before signing it. You’ll make the check-in process faster by reducing the paperwork required upon arrival and make it easier to account for all the signed waivers.

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Customize Your Bounce House Waivers for Any Needs

You'll be able to customize your waivers with new or improved sections at any time, and you can also update the language of your waivers to include additional inherent risks or terms. You can change your signing and age requirements at any time, and you can also divide your waiver into sections that conveniently point out the most important parts. You can even include options to accept or decline each individual section of your waiver to draw attention to specific sections or clauses within your waiver Try It Free
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Securely Store All Digital Bounce House Waivers

Injuries and their causes aren't always immediately obvious, which is why it's crucial that you can store all of your digital waivers in a secure location for future retrieval. Going digital saves you from the trouble of finding space for all your paper waivers, and you also won't have to worry about spills or other physical damage ruining them. Your digital waivers will also be stored in the cloud, so even if you experience a problem with your own drives, you can still retrieve your waivers with just a few clicks. Go digital today to save money, experience greater convenience, and gain the confidence afforded by secure storage.

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Need to Sign More Than Bounce House Waiver Forms?

WaiverSign can help you gather digital signatures on just about any type of waiver or release form that you need to have signed repeatedly. Your clients will love how easy it is, and you’ll love getting organized and saving time.

Who uses WaiverSign?

Whether you provide an experience, manage events, promote healthy lifestyles, or help with personal care, you’ll find WaiverSign’s online waivers and digital release forms will save you time and money. WaiverSign’s online waiver software makes managing waivers simple.


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