WaiverSign Customer Stories

Great Raleigh Cleanup Trash
Liability Waivers For Volunteer Cleanups | WaiverSign
Cleaning up our communities is important to make sure we show off the true beauty of our hometowns. Letting litter pile up on the side of the...
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Cmahca Defense
WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Martial Arts
Whether it's seeking a new physical activity to stay in shape or garner self-defense skills, martial arts programs have become a global phenomenon....
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Bentonville Group
Liability Waivers For Bike Tours & Lessons | WaiverSign
A scenic bike tour is a fun activity for all ages to enjoy. From soaking in the natural wonders of a national park to traveling around a bustling...
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Community Is Strength Sign
Liability Waivers for Church Activities
Congregants of a church are bonded together by their faith in a higher power, but that bond is further built by activities that unite for a greater...
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Cats on a Counter
Liability Waivers for Animal Encounters
Animal lovers enjoy the ability to get close to creatures. It's a unique opportunity to provide a gentle touch to animals who could use a little...
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Sva Team
WaiverSign Makes Liability Waiver Forms Simpler for Trainers
Personal trainers rely on a steady influx of clients for their businesses to prosper. While attracting new customers is integral, and even...
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Hero Waxing Room
Esthetician Consent Form Gets a Makeover
Client intake and consent forms are a part of many businesses’ operations, but most people wouldn’t say it’s their favorite part of running a...
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Brlentless Photo2
Best Waiver Software for a Small Training Gym
WaiverSign offers tremendous perks and convenient waiver options to all sorts of businesses and organizations around the country. Both major...
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Woman Doing Crunches
Digital Health Club Documents
If you’ve seen our website or read our other posts, you’re probably used to seeing us talk about liability releases and waivers. After all, it’s in...
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Baseball Player Hitting Ball Dc Sports Ventures
Despite Coronavirus Challenges, this company is swinging for the fences
This year has been a pretty bad deal all around, but it's been an especially hard blow for the athletic industry. From the Major Leagues down to...
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Airsoft Battle the Mill Indoor Combat Center
Easy to Use Digital Waivers for Combat Centers
The need for effective, easy-to-use waivers (and for better document signing processes in general) is not unique to the United States. Case in...
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Empty Baseball Complex
Get Your Team Back in the Game
I have been amazed at the amount of sports teams that have reached out to WaiverSign to implement a digital signing link to their sports liability...
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Westin Exterior
Electronic Waivers at The Westin Annapolis
Here at WaiverSign, we love hearing the success stories of our clients—learning about the great work they do, and how digital waivers help them do...
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Chalo Africa Cheetah
How Digital Waivers Help Chalo Africa
We’re pretty passionate about adventure. In fact, WaiverSign was originally conceived to help Western River Expeditions and Moab Adventure Center...
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Man on Jet Ski
Electronic Rental Liability Waivers
I recently spoke with a boat rental company on the west coast and a lot of our conversation revolved around the fact that they have to spend a lot...
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Woman in Pink Long Sleeve Shirt and Gray Leggings Doing Yoga
Fitness Liability Waivers
I have been amazed over the past week how many fitness professionals, yogis, pilates teachers and boot camp teachers have contacted WaiverSign to...
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Boathouse With Two Amphicars Outfront
Popular Disney Springs Restaurant and online liability waivers
After a long day exploring the Walt Disney World Resort, there's no better place to whet your appetite than by heading to the Disney Springs...
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Siltop Visions Bridge
​Siltop Visions and Electronic Waiver
WaiverSign recently started working with Siltop Visions which is a large tract of land in Pennsylvania that people recreationally use for hiking,...
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Digital Waivers Axe Throwing Superstore
Axe Throwing and Online Waivers
Jeremy Johnson, Marketing/Special Project Supervisor for Country Folks Superstore/Big Bear Axe Throwing in Cumming, GA took the time to fill out...
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Green Mountain Vermont
Digital Waivers for Volunteers
It’s that time of year again, where you look at the calendar and you can’t quite believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. Where has the year gone and how...
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Girl Screaming
Haunted House Waivers
I will be the first one to admit that I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to all things scary. Let’s just say I’ve been known to park in my driveway...
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Summit Ascents International Logo
Digital Waivers for Ice Climbing
Summit Ascents International, based out of Denver, CO is now using WaiverSign to help their clients scale the summits of signing waivers before...
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Participants Signing Stumpys Waiver
What do axe throwing and digital waivers have in common?
WaiverSign is a proud partner of Stumpy’s Hatchet House and we have worked together since the beginning of their business. Over the past several...
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Baseball Player Hitting Ball
Baseball Training Camps and Digital Waivers
Our son plays 11u USSSA travel baseball, so when in season we are a traveling baseball family. The tournaments are set up so that each team plays...
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People Walking on Rope Bridge Tree Limin Extreme Zipline Tour St Thomas
Tree Limin' Extreme goes digital!
SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Sept. 18, 2019 – In early September 2019, the following announcement of a job opportunity opened up in the Caribbean: “Tree...
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Map Charting Hurricane Dorian
Online Waivers and Insurance
We hunkered down and waited for Hurricane Dorian to pummel the coast of South Carolina last week. It was a long week of preparation with moving all...
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Black Dog With Tongue Out
T​he Dog Psychology Center and Training Cesar’s Way
This handsome guy in the photo is soon to turn 3 years old and was named Benji Bear by our son. I will admit he does look like a little bear. His...
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Tube to Work Group
Tube to Work Day
I’ve heard of BYOB but never BYOT until I started talking with Jeff Kagan, Founder of Tube to Work Day a non-profit in Boulder, Colorado that is an...
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