Esthetician Consent Form Gets a Makeover

Stephen Porritt
Stephen Porritt

Client intake and consent forms are a part of many businesses’ operations, but most people wouldn’t say it’s their favorite part of running a business. Keeping copies of intake and consent forms on hand, filing and storing them, and ensuring that every client has signed one can add up to quite a management headache.

Luckily, there is an easy way to give your consent forms a makeover.

Whether you’re looking for digital waiver solutions or esthetician services, it’s important to find someone who specializes in their field. Erin and her team at The Waxing Room are experts at their craft, and they rely on WaiverSign’s online tools to make the waiver process as smooth and painless as can be.

  1. The Backgroud
  2. The Problem
  3. The Solution
  4. The Process
  5. The Results
  6. Do you need an Esthetician Consent Form?
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The Background: An Experienced Esthetician Focused on Continual Improvement

While many spas offer waxing, not all specialize in it. Unfortunately, this can lead to "sticky situations" that often leave customers with a poor—or even painful—waxing experience. That's why it is essential to seek a Waxologist (an Esthetician who specializes in waxing) when looking for hair removal.

Waxologists work on every area of the body, using hot or cold wax to remove the hair follicle from desired areas. It’s a specialized skill that takes practice and precision, and not every esthetician who offers the service can claim the title.

That’s where Erin comes in. Erin Temple has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and has specialized in hair removal since 2011. She has worked for some of the best salons in the business, including the famous New York City waxing company Completely Bare (which was featured on Bravo's Real Housewives of NYC).

After her time in New York, Erin decided to relocate and open her own waxing salon called The Waxing Room in Orange County in 2015. Her practiced skill, combined with her personality and soothing bedside manner, make for a quality waxing experience like no other. She aims for perfection every time and is thorough and detailed.

And clients noticed. Right from the start of The Waxing Room, business was booming: in the first five years, Erin served over 7,000 clients. Her clientele grew quickly, and so did the paperwork.

The Problem: Paper Consent Forms & Client Intake Forms

Rapid growth has its drawbacks; serving that many clients so quickly left Erin with a lot of intake forms and client waivers to sort through and store. This meant keeping track of who had and had not yet signed their forms, finding space to store the signed waivers, and always having fresh copies on hand. Not to mention having to sift through stacks of paperwork to find a client’s waiver later if something came up. What a pain!

The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Forms

Enter WaiverSign. With simple online waivers and forms, WaiverSign offers an easy, customizable solution to the hassle of paper copies of client intake forms. You can easily convert your existing waiver into a digital form to let your clients sign anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, our simple and affordable pricing makes it easy to get started. No more paper copies, no more storage worries, and no more waiting on clients to fill out forms once they arrive. This allows The Waxing Room’s staff and clients alike to enjoy a more relaxed environment in the salon.

The Process: Getting Waxing Consent Forms and Intake Forms Online

Using WaiverSign’s online waiver service to create and administer your company’s waxing & esthetician consent form is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Send us your waiver
    Our WaiverSign team will convert your current waiver to a customizable digital version.
  2. Your clients sign online
    Add your new waiver link to your website, confirmation emails, or check-in kiosk, and your clients can easily and securely sign online before their appointment.
  3. Signed waivers are securely stored in the cloud
    Your signed documents are securely stored with WaiverSign and retrievable in seconds.

The Results: Digital Esthetician Consent Form & Intake Form

Now Erin can simply attach her WaiverSign link to a customer's outgoing confirmation message, either through text or email. This way, clients can fill out the form before arrival, which makes the whole process, well, smooth.

By getting their information beforehand, Erin and her team are able to know if they can service a client or not before they arrive, which saves everyone time. And, if someone forgets to fill out the waiver form before arriving for an appointment, they can use their phone to scan the WaiverSign QR code posted at the check-in counter, and fill one out right from their mobile device. Quick, simple, and user-friendly.

Storage concerns are eliminated with WaiverSign, too. All signed client waivers are simply and securely stored in the cloud, and painlessly retrievable with just a few clicks. No more storing boxes upon boxes of forms, and sorting through hundreds of paper waivers to find the one you’re looking for.

Do you need an Esthetician Consent Form for Waxing, Facials, or other Beauty Treatments?

It is critical to get a consent form (also called a liability waiver or release) from your clients. One reason is to protect your company and your employees from liability. The form is called a “release” because customers who sign it are releasing your company from liability for injury and damage they may encounter during the covered service.

A well-drafted release of liability form may also help you demonstrate that your customer knew about and assumed the risks inherent in the service. This offers your company another layer of protection against liability: If you are ever sued (or threatened with a suit) by a customer who signed a liability waiver, you can use the waiver to assert that the customer has entered into a contract with you not to hold you liable for any claimed negligence.

Can I present my intake form and consent form at the same time?

WaiverSign can actually present all the questions you need to ask before your clients’ treatments and then serve up the consent form to be signed - all prior to arrival, making the check-in proces easy and giving you everything you need up front to provide the best service possible.

Why Use WaiverSign for Your Esthetician Consent and Release Form?

Your clients have come to expect their waxing experience to be smooth, and that should include the necessary paperwork. Presenting your waxing consent waiver electronically will help you provide a pain-free experience by making intake forms:

  • Easier for you and your customers
  • Contactless and paperless
  • Less expensive than printing and storing physical copies
  • Simple to retrieve

Another reason to use WaiverSign for your esthetician consent form or waiver is the ability to customize your digital forms. Looks are important, especially in the esthetician business. Make the look of your waiver signing process personalized to your business with custom branding in WaiverSign. You can customize the language of your waxing consent waiver to include any inherent risks or other essential information, and you can customize the sections within your document.

Need to make more than waivers digital? WaiverSign can help you gather digital signatures on just about any type of release form that you need to have signed repeatedly. Your clients will love how easy it is, and you’ll love getting organized and saving time.

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Esthetician Consent Form Gets a Makeover

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