WaiverSign Makes Liability Waiver Forms Simpler for Trainers

Chad Allen
Chad Allen

Personal trainers rely on a steady influx of clients for their businesses to prosper. While attracting new customers is integral, and even exciting, it presents challenges for fitness business owners who'd rather focus on training than handling onboarding and personal trainer waivers. The more clients they attract, the more diligent they have to be about ensuring that all their information is correct and every client has signed a liability waiver before their first workout.

Whether you're a personal trainer or gym owner, there's a lot on the line every time you take on a new customer, so it's vital to have a system in place to make the new client onboarding process easier and quicker. That's why Silicon Valley Athletics relies on WaiverSign to streamline client waivers, enabling their fitness professionals and clients to get to the training process quicker.

  1. Background
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Results

The Background: A Personal Trainer With a Purpose

We love stories about people using circumstances that could have destroyed them to catapult themselves into greatness. Such is the case for personal trainer Joey Sparacino. The second of eight children, Joey was kidnapped by his mother at a tender age. Fortunately, the state eventually found him and brought him back home to his father. However, the aftershock of that kind of trauma doesn't dissipate overnight.

During his childhood, Joey struggled with his weight and self-esteem. As is the case for many troubled youths, sports turned out to be his saving grace. Participating in sports helped him to get into shape, improve his self-confidence, and make friends. Not to mention, it gave Joey a purpose that he still lives for today, which is helping others get fit and feel great about themselves, too.

Joey started his personal training business to help others experience a story of triumph similar to his own, and he's been at it for 15 years. He began using WaiverSign as a way to effectively communicate his commitment to customers and allow him to focus on what he loves doing most, which is helping individual clients meet their fitness goals.

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The Problem: Mounting Liability Waivers Became Difficult To Track

The problem for Joey, like for many fitness professionals and gym owners, was managing the mounting waivers and other paperwork necessary to protect his customers and business. Silicon Valley Athletics used to use paper waivers for their release of liability forms, but they had a problem storing their waivers when their clientele grew. When you have problems with your filing system, it makes everything more difficult, from tracking customer information and meal plans to managing personal training liability waiver forms.

Not only was working with paper making it hard for Joey and his team to manage their growing backlog of paper waivers, but they also kept running out of paper! Every time you turn a customer away from a personal training session because you don't have the proper release form, you risk losing that customer forever.

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The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Forms

Silicon Valley Athletics' problem isn't unique. In fact, the main reason for many business owners switching from paper to electronic communications and files is that they're much more reliable and accessible. Joey Sparacino and his team began using WaiverSign to effectively communicate with clients about their policies, educate them about the risks of injury, and of course, enable online clients to use an e-signature to complete online consent forms.

"When I hand our iPad to the client it looks much more professional than a paper waiver."

With businesses all over the world becoming more digital every day, WaiverSign is a great tool for companies trying to go digital. When you hand someone an iPad and tell them to read and scroll to the bottom to provide their e-signature, it gives your business an air of professionalism.

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The Process: Receiving Consent Forms and New-Client Forms Online

Switching from paper waivers to electronic ones might seem like a painstaking process, but it's much simpler than you think with WaiverSign. That's why companies subject to liability claims switch to our platform at such a high rate and love the results.

1. Send us your liability waiver or consent form.

One of the great things about WaiverSign is that you're not alone in the integration process. Simply send us a copy of your waiver form, and we'll convert it into digital format for you.

2. Your clients sign online.

Once we convert your consent form into a digital version, you're ready to begin the digital onboarding process with your clients. You merely provide them with a link on your website or emails or have them scan a QR code in person, and they'll be redirected to the WaiverSign platform where they can give their e-signature for the exercise waiver. You can also take the Silicon Valley Athletics approach and have clients give their e-signature on your company's tablet.

3. Liability release forms are stored and secure.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the major problems for Silicon Valley Athletics was the proper storage of their consent forms. One of the best things about going digital is you no longer have to worry about storing physical documents that are prone to get lost or destroyed. With WaiverSign, anytime a client signs an exercise waiver, the document is immediately stored in our system and available for retrieval.

The Results: Saving Time, Money, and Energy with Online Waivers

Switching to electronic waivers helped Silicon Valley save a lot of money. Joey and his team were having problems storing and managing their paper waivers. Furthermore, they were always running out of paper, and if you've ever run a paper-based business, you know that the costs of paper and ink add up over time. However, WaiverSign is the gift that keeps on giving. Personal trainers like Joey can create electronic waivers for unlimited clients, significantly cutting costs.

Not only did Silicon Valley save money by relying on WaiverSign for their personal training waivers, but they also saved a lot of time and energy. It's much easier to touch a screen and get to your waivers than dig through drawers and file cabinets looking for the right papers and hoping they're there. Whether it's a physical activity readiness questionnaire or a liability release form for your fitness center, WaiverSign can make managing your customer information and waiver forms much simpler.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Waiver and On-Boarding Process for your Gym?

You've read how WaiverSign helped Joey and his team to become more efficient and save money, but you're reading this case study because you're wondering how we can help improve your fitness business. The good news is that WaiverSign is a versatile platform with plenty to offer fitness professionals and others in professions that put them at high risk of legal liability for others' safety.

1. Going paperless is great for the planet.

This planet is all we have, and many businesses have gone paperless in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. Using WaiverSign to manage your consent forms will considerably reduce your fitness center's paper waste. Furthermore, you'll be able to boast to potential clients that your company is committed to being part of the solution when it comes to protecting our planet.

2. Create more space in your fitness center.

One thing about paper is it tends to accumulate quickly, requiring more and more storage space with each individual client. One of the many ways switching to WaiverSign can help your business is by enabling you to clear up some space in your facilities. After all, no paper means no filing cabinets.

3. Electronic signatures are convenient for you and your clients.

Possibly the best thing about WaverSign is the level of simplicity it provides businesses and their clients and customers. Many companies and organizations allow their patrons to fill out online documents but require them to print, sign, scan, and then fax, or email them. Electronic signatures are convenient and significantly improve the client experience by enabling them to complete the entire consent form online.

As you can see, there are a number of ways WaiverSign can make life easier for you and your team while also enhancing the intake process for your new clients. Joey and his team saw significant benefits from implementing our e-signature platform, and one of the main ones is he was able to focus more on his daily workouts and less on managing a growing backlog of waiver forms.

"WaiverSign has allowed me to clearly communicate our policies so I can focus on what I love to do and help others."

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The team atSilicon Valley Athletics gets to spend more time on personal training and less time and energy digging through files. Not to mention all the money they're saving on paper and ink. WaiverSign's electronic signature system provides an automated system that manages its own storage and makes document retrieval quick and easy. Both your company and its clients will love the simplicity and convenience of WaiverSign.

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WaiverSign Makes Liability Waiver Forms Simpler for Trainers

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