WaiverSign Makes Paperwork Easier for Animal Encounters

Brandon Lake
Brandon Lake

Animal lovers enjoy the ability to get close to creatures. It's a unique opportunity to provide a gentle touch to animals who could use a little kindness. However, there are safety measures that need to be in place to make sure both people and animals are protected. That's why it's important for those who operate these animal encounters, be they aquariums, zoos, or private companies, to have waivers in place for any legal protections.

Being able to protect the interest of the visitor is vital to protect them and these pets. Karma Kat Cafe is seeking to give humans a little interaction with their furry feline friends, connecting cats with future owners, while providing a therapeutic outlet for pet lovers. That's where WaiverSign has helped to clear the way for caretakers and future caretakers to enjoy their time at the cafe without fear of injury to visitors or the cats that roam the grounds.

  1. The Background: Comfort for Cats and Cat Lovers
  2. The Problem: Slowing Down Operations
  3. The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Forms
  4. The Process: Receiving Waivers Online
  5. The Results
  6. Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign
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The Background: Comfort for Cats and Cat Lovers

Rescue animals deserve a loving home, and that's what drove Mystie Beckwith to create the Karma Cat Cafe. Opened in Mount Pleasant, Michigan three years ago, Karma Cat Cafe is a unique concept where rescue cats live communally until they find their "furever homes". Mystie's experience in the pet industry and passion for helping homeless cats has made KKC a safe haven for felines in need of a loving home. The business concept evolved into a state-licensed protection shelter and 24/7 rescue effort for cats of all ages.

Visitors to KKC will set a reservation in advance, paying a small fee to hang out with the adoptable cats. This helps Karma Kat Cafe to offset the costs of vet bills, supplies, and any other special needs for these adorable creatures. KKC has found their rescue efforts are also rescuing the people that come to the cafe. The visits are therapeutic for both these pets and customers in their safe, inclusive cat lounge. KKC has expanded to hosting fun events like Yoga With Cats and Painting with Cats for more unique interactions with these felines.

Every visitor to Karma Kat Cafe must sign a liability waiver regarding the risks of entering a space with these furry felines. However, Mystie and her team found that using paper waiver forms was becoming too much of a time constraint. That's why she turned to WaiverSign to make things easier for her staff members and her visitors to focus more on rescue and adoption efforts.

The Problem: Slowing Down Operations

With so many different events for their rescue cats, Karma Kat Cafe knew they needed a smarter solution for their animal encounter liability waivers. Hard copies of their waiver of liability were delaying how soon visitors could interact with the cats, plus storage and access to this information was just making for more of a headache for KKC's rescue efforts.

These waivers were a must for KKC to avoid any legal issues that could result from these animal experiences, as cats can startle easily and react to visitors with a scratch or a swipe of fright. Acting as a boarding facility and rescue shelter, there's a nature of caring that needs to be understood, but KKC wanted to make sure that visitors understood the full responsibility that came with a visit to these live animals.

The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Forms

Karma Kat Cafe wanted to make sure their visitors could truly enjoy themselves upon arrival, and not have to worry about combing through a waiver before enjoying their experience with their furry feline friends. That's where online liability forms from WaiverSign came in handy to not only clear adults to enter, but also give parents the ability to sign on behalf of their teens to take part in KKC's unique environment for enrichment.

"The biggest benefits are efficiency, time-saving, and easy access to information."

With more companies embracing online operations, WaiverSign plays an important role for rescue efforts like Karma Kat Cafe to present their hold harmless agreement. This is even more beneficial now that more and more jurisdictions across the United States are recognizing electronic signatures on digital waivers as valid to the fullest extent of the law.

The Process: Receiving Waivers Online

Switching from hard copies to liability waivers for animal encounters may seem overwhelming, but WaiverSign makes sure that a template is designed to make things as easy as can be for organizations of any size. If your organization is subject to claims related to physical injury or property damage, you need waiver protection. WaiverSign walks you through creating the form every step of the way so volunteers and visitors understand their sole responsibility in this environment.

1. Send us your liability waiver.

One of the greatest benefits of WaiverSign is that you're never alone with this interactive program. Simply send us a copy of your release of liability and we'll create a digital format fulfilling your needs.

2. Your clients sign online.

Once we convert your paper document to an online waiver form, you're ready to have clients and volunteers begin the digital onboarding process. Karma Kat Cafe has been able to send out a link to their documents that require signatures. This has been a timesaver for customers, avoiding a crunch to have to sign paper documents at the time of booking.

Some organizations have found success in creating a QR code to direct people to these online liability forms. This gives customers and volunteers time to give a deeper look into a liability waiver, understanding the risk assumed when entering a rescue shelter with 40+ cats. Plus, WaiverSign makes sure your important information doesn't get lost in the fine print.

3. Online forms are safely stored.

One issue that Karma Kat Cafe sought to eliminate was the frantic running around for paper copies of their animal encounter waivers. No longer having to worry about physical documents for necessary signatures eliminated the fear of losing those important forms. With WaiverSign, everything from reservations to forms waiving negligence be transformed into a digital format that is user-friendly, plus safely stored within its platform for quick access to those documents when you need them.

The Results

Switching to electronic waivers has been incredibly helpful for Karma Kat Cafe to put their focus on the private experience of their visitors, and the safety of everyone involved, especially their feline friends. Each visitor or volunteer signs the electronic waiver before entering the cat lounge, giving them plenty of time to understand the rules around these rescue animals. This includes getting parents to sign liability waiver forms for their teens in advance of their volunteering at KKC.

Plus, animal care staff at KKC no longer had to worry about where to store the waivers for animal encounters. This allows staffers and volunteers to focus on their important role in the safety of the animals and the accommodation of these cats and guests. With an online platform safely storing these waivers, Karma Kat Cafe felt more at ease creating unique events with their amazing animals including Cat Bingo and Reading with Cats.

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Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign

You've read how WaiverSign made things more efficient for Karma Kat Cafe and their one-of-a-kind experience for potential pet owners and helping their cats find "furever homes". However, you may be wondering how it can help your zoo, aquarium, or any other animal encounter. WaiverSign is a versatile platform that provides clarity and easier virtual systems for everyone from a visitor to a parent or legal guardian who needs to sign for a volunteer who is younger than 18 years of age.

1. E-signatures are just more convenient.

With electronic, or e-signatures, becoming the norm in the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are turning to a digital format for any important documents. These signatures stand up in a court of law in the event of a personal injury lawsuit or other litigation, saving people from costly lawsuits. These forms are put into a template that is clearly understandable and will often lead to a quick dismissal by a judge as the signature confirms the assumption of risk.

2. WaiverSign helps you cut expenses.

For the Karma Kat Cafe, eliminating paper was a big help, making more room in their animal habitat for their furry friends and their visitors. Cutting the need for physical storage provided peace of mind for KKC to deal with their accessibility needs, able to quickly pull up a signed liability waiver in the event of a negligence claim. In addition to saving on physical storage, KKC also cut costs on paper and ink for every new batch of release forms.

3. It's far easier to update waiver forms.

Ahead of a reservation time or scheduled event, these forms are completed and agreed to for program admission and volunteering in no time at all. Rather than having to print out documents within hours' notice, the WaiverSign platform is able to accommodate participants for a particular activity. This allows for quick adjustments to liability waiver forms, including changes to legal regulations, or additional stipulations based on an event or special options.

"Definitely worth the affordable fee and it’s a very valuable service. Easy to navigate and great customer service."

WaiverSign's electronic signature system provides an automated platform that manages its own storage and makes document retrieval that much easier. Both your organization and all parties involved in it will appreciate this interactive program, especially visitors who may be looking for a reservation confirmation amongst limited spots for these exclusive encounters.

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WaiverSign Makes Paperwork Easier for Animal Encounters

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