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Get Your Waiver & Release of Liability Online

Easily create and sign online waivers, online release of liability forms, digital consent forms, damage release forms, electronic rental agreements and more. Whether you’re an adventure tour company, trampoline park, dude ranch, yoga studio, gym, or something else, you’ll find WaiverSign’s online waivers and digital release forms will save you time and money over handling and storing paper waivers. If you have waivers, WaiverSign makes managing waivers simple.


1. Create Your Custom Online Waiver

Our team will convert your waiver to an online digital waiver, so you can start receiving signatures as soon as possible.


2. Allow Participants to Sign Online

Setup a simple link on any device and on-site kiosk or send a link via email so your participants can review and sign your online waiver or release form.


3. Store Signed Digital Waivers

Every signed waiver is securely stored and can be quickly retrieved within seconds. WaiverSign can even pass data back to your registration or reservation system.

Handling COVID-19 Concerns

Some businesses deal with risk on a daily basis—everything from ziplining, to yoga studios, to sports teams. But the pandemic has introduced a baseline level of risk for nearly every business.

Signing Waiver on Tablet

Go Contactless

WaiverSign isn’t just paperless—it’s contactless. Send waivers directly to guests via email link allowing them to sign on their own devices.

Digitize Your Waiver

Whether it's your standard liability waiver or a new COVID screening form, with WaiverSign, your documents will be easier to share, sign, and manage.

Customize Expiration Dates

Once you’ve created your online waiver, you can set it to expire in a short timeframe, ensuring that all customers must sign an up-to-date waiver or screening form for each visit.

Digital waiver on an iPad with a keyboard

Goodbye Paper Waivers. Hello Online Waivers.

Faster signing, no filing cabinets, legible participant information, and a smooth experience for your customers.

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Online Waiver Participant Information Form

Grow Your Business with Digital Waivers

WaiverSign will help you automatically collect an email from every participant. With WaiverSign's online waivers, you'll get a bigger, better email list and more online reviews - all to help you increase sales and grow your business.

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Who uses WaiverSign?

WaiverSign is an incredible online waiver solution for a large variety of businesses and organizations. Here's a small sampling of the types of organizations that use WaiverSign. If you have have a liability waiver or similar document that you'd like have signed online, request your free trial account today.

demographic reports from online waivers

Improve Your Marketing

Your online waivers will give you tons of awesome insights into the demographics of your guests. The result?

Better decisions. Better marketing.

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Create New Event On laptop

Make Events Easy

Build each of your events directly in WaiverSign. You'll be able to track documents signed for each event and quickly get a list of all event participants. Your participants will love the ease of online signing with WaiverSign.

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Only $10 Per Month for Digital Waivers
Get the Most
Simple & Affordable Pricing

Includes 50 free signed waivers per calendar month. Additionally signed waivers only 10 cents each.

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Link to online waiver document for group organizer

Simplify Groups with Online Waivers

Give group organizers a WaiverSign link to share with group members. They'll easily collect everyone's information and get all waivers signed.

You'll be the hero of your group!

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online waiver in english and spanish

Speak Their Language

WaiverSign lets you present the online signing process and your important legal documents in multiple languages so your customers can fully understand your important liability documents.

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US-Based Support Team
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5/5 Customer Service Rating on Capterra
Working with WaiverSign has been a great experience. The staff is very responsive, pulls off last minute set ups and solves problems quickly. Having it on our website allows large groups to complete the waiver prior to arriving, thus speeding their entry into our locations.
Stuart Josberger, Managing Partner
Stumpy's Hatchet House
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the Westin Annapolis
Simple and easy! WaiverSign has helped our check-in process, lightened my workload, and provided an easier format for our guests and for us. We love WaiverSign's feature to associate guests with a specific event name, easily look up guests, and export our guest list to a spreadsheet.
William Grace
Westin Annapolis​
Air Soft Battle
the Mill Indoor Combat Centre
Going digital has allowed us to save all documentation securely online. WaiverSign's level of professionalism and efficiency was outstanding throughout, making it easy from start to finish. I can strongly recommend changing over to WaiverSign for your online needs.
Gordon Dreyer, Director
The Mill Indoor Combat Centre
Baseball Player Hitting Ball
Ds Sports Ventures
Kate and WaiverSign were able to help us get our system up and running quickly and seamlessly. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to collect and organize waivers from a large group of participants.
Annie Cross-Cordon
DS Sports Ventures
Tube to Work Guy on Computer Floating Down River
Tube to Work Day
Customer service at WaiverSign was fast, personal and answered all of my questions within one business day. As an event organizer in need of swift support for our online waivers, WaiverSign has made all the difference!
Jeff Kagan
Tube to Work Day
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Waiver data with customer and activity data

Seamless Integration

Save time by automatically connecting participant details gathered from an online waiver directly into your registration system with WaiverSign and RESMARK.

Learn more about the RESMARK online booking system
Group of kids planting trees for the National Forest Foundation

Don't just save trees, help plant them!

When you sign up with WaiverSign, we will have a tree planted on your behalf through the National Forest Foundation.

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legibility of participant information


more contacts captured by WaiverSign users


spent on printing and organizing paper waivers


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"Customer service at WaiverSign was fast, personal and answered all of my questions within one business day."

Jeff Kagan Co-founder and Event Manager
Tube to Work Day
Elegant and Well Planned!

“The principals at WaiverSign/RESMARK aren’t just developers, they’re seasoned tour operators in their own right!”

Arbortrek Canopy Adventures
Mike Founder
Arbortrek Canopy Adventures