WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Bike Tour Operators

Chad Allen
Chad Allen

A scenic bike tour is a fun activity for all ages to enjoy. From soaking in the natural wonders of a national park to traveling around a bustling city, a bicycle is a great way for tourists to truly take in what an area has to offer. For tour operators, it's important to be able to book reservations with ease but also make sure that guests are able to safely take part in a ride with the assumption of risk with certain events.

The more clients that book tours, the greater importance there is for making a seamless experience for riders from all over. A vital onboarding process is key, and that's why Ozark Bike Guides relies on WaiverSign to streamline client waiver forms and get riders back on the bike and exploring their surroundings.

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  1. The Background: A Ride Around Bentonville
  2. The Problem: Mounting Waivers and Paperwork
  3. The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Platform
  4. The Process: Putting Liability Waivers Online for Easy Access
  5. The Results
  6. Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign

The Background: A Ride Around Bentonville

We love stories about people who want to show off their hometown pride and bring that love into their business. Alex Martens founded Ozark Bike Guides back in January 2020 to share his love for his hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, a community that has become a tourist destination in recent years for mountain bikers from all over. Alex also sought to help others have positive new experiences aboard their bicycles, providing cyclists with skills and lessons to enhance their riding journeys.

Alex's company has now become a desired bike tour service, advertised by the state's tourism board to show off the natural wonders of Northwest Arkansas while also making sure riders know how to anticipate hurdles when riding. With miles of world-class trails, Alex wanted his clientele to get the most out of their journeys but know the inherent risks of the ride. That's why he looked to WaiverSign for a helping hand.

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The Problem: Mounting Waivers and Paperwork

With private mountain, gravel, and road bike tours taking up the day, Alex and his Ozark Bike Guides crew found that the number of liability waivers and other important documents were stacking up on top of them. Making sure that a bike tour liability waiver was filled out in advance of the ride was hassle enough, but making sure that it was safely stored was just another problem in and of itself.

Knowing that riders were eager to get on the trail, Alex found that tour guides were under pressure to get a waiver of liability signed quickly, not giving customers enough time to read through the documents. There was grave importance of having cyclists understand the risk of serious injury, so that's why Ozark Bike Guides searched for a more straightforward option that would make their liability waivers more easily accessible while also sparing the need for a lot of storage space to hold those papers.


The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Platform

Ozark Bike Guides wanted to find a program that would give each cyclist the time to read over their waiver and understand the full responsibility they assumed by taking part in the tour. They also wanted to avoid cutting into the enjoyment of a bike tour by having people sit and sign papers. That's where WaiverSign allowed for easier digital interaction, obtaining electronic signatures so riders could put the pedal to the metal.

"Keeping track of paper forms was difficult and time-consuming, especially at the start of my tourism, and I didn’t have a good way of filing them."

With waivers designed for solo bicyclists or groups, Ozark Bike Guides was able to adapt their liability waiver to a digital format to accommodate any group. By working with WaiverSign to implement these forms online, Ozark also capitalized on a digital platform that could hang on to all signed documents for quick reference in the event of an emergency situation or a potential personal injury lawsuit.

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The Process: Putting Liability Waivers Online for Easy Access

Switching from paper waivers to electronic documents might seem like a lot for any business to undertake. However, WaiverSign makes such activities so much easier. That's why touring companies that are subject to liability claims and other litigation turn to our platform with evidence of an incredible rate of success.

1. Send us your release of liability form.

One of the greatest assets of WaiverSign is that you're not alone in the integration process. Simply send a copy of the liability waiver for bike tours, and we'll transform that waiver into a digital format to present the risk of injury that comes with a particular tour.

2. Your clients sign online.

Once we convert the waiver to a digital version, you're ready to begin the onboarding process for cyclists who book a tour or are part of parties taking part in a tour. A link is sent out connecting riders to the online waiver form for review and their electronic signatures. A QR code will also be made available for customers to scan and connect to the documents that they need to sign. Ozark Bike Guides makes sure that waivers are signed in advance of the scheduled activities so as not to deduct any time from the journeys.

3. Liability forms are safely stored.

As mentioned earlier, Alex and his crew at Ozark Bike Guides just didn't have the physical space for all of the waivers that applicants signed before taking part in their mountain biking or bicycling tours. One of the best things about putting these forms online is that an electronic signature is accepted to the fullest extent of the law in many jurisdictions of the United States. WaiverSign also offers safe storage of documents, avoiding lost or destroyed waivers and affording a quick lookup option to find the necessary waiver in the event of potential legal action.

The Results

Switching to online liability waiver forms helped Ozark Bike Guides avoid having to stack papers up and risking the loss of important documents that could be costly. This stopped the need for saving a portion of the waiver agreement in the physical realm, with WaiverSign able to keep documents securely stored in an online platform for quick reference when needed to show that cyclists acknowledged their responsibilities and were aware of their legal rights.

The best part for Alex and his guides is that they no longer have to take up time before each tour to make sure that waivers are signed, showing that cyclists understand the risk of serious injury and potential hurdles brought on by inherent dangers in wilderness and weather conditions. This also ensures that riders are in proper physical condition and prepared to take on a private tour with all appropriate safety measures, including bicycle helmets. WaiverSign allows Ozark Bike Guides to have more time to show off scenic Bentonville and other wonders of Northwest Arkansas.

Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign

You've learned how WaiverSign saved a lot of time and physical storage for Ozark Bike Guides, affording more time to focus on bike tours and a better time for cyclists who sign up. For understanding what happens in the event of injury, this waiver makes riders aware of the terms of this document without having to rush to read it. However, there is even more to what WaiverSign has to offer.

1. Going paperless is better for the planet.

With a digital waiver, companies can save physical space and money for printing out liability waivers. Eliminating this cost for paper and ink can save businesses in various industries a lot in the long run. Furthermore, biking tour companies and everyone in between can tout their efforts in giving back to the environment.

2. WaiverSign provides clarity regarding cancellation policies.

When it comes to any event-based business, especially for outdoor activities, there needs to be clarity for participants about the steps to take in the event of weather extremes. While more severe weather may cancel a cycling tour, bicyclists also need to be aware of any additional hurdles that may result from a previous day's weather. For example, there could be a delayed start for a tour or the potential for damages on a roadway that could be an issue for riders throughout the day.

3. Electronic signatures are more convenient.

WaiverSign provides businesses and their clients with not only peace of mind but an easier way to get through liability waivers well in advance of a planned event where there is a risk of injury. Taking the time to read a waiver allows for clarity for signers and third parties to understand the unanticipated risks that organizers of the event have a responsibility to detail.

"All my clients sign a digital waiver before the day of their tour or lesson, so we don’t waste any time doing paperwork. I also love that we both can get a copy and it’s easy for me to access my signed waivers at any time."

One of the positives that Ozark Bike Guides has discovered is the ease of signing documents ahead of time and having electronic signatures that qualify as an agreement in many jurisdictions across the United States. Cyclists can have the greatest ease when signing these waivers and can be better focused on enjoying the scenery of a bicycling journey.

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Chad Allen

WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Bike Tour Operators

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