WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Martial Arts

Chad Allen
Chad Allen

Whether it's seeking a new physical activity to stay in shape or garner self-defense skills, martial arts programs have become a global phenomenon. With regimented training, students of all ages are understanding the history and culture behind these tactics, as well as the refined physical movement that comes with each style of combat. Students are empowered by instructors to fine-tune these actions, working their way up to the highest levels of expertise.

However, the safety of all who take part in a martial arts program is pivotal to any studio or fitness center. Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia seeks to pass on these techniques, while also emphasizing a safe environment for everyone. However, there is a risk of injury associated with martial arts that students or the parents and legal guardians of minor students need to be aware of. That's where WaiverSign can help to clearly dictate those inherent risks, clearing the way for a safe climate to practice.

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  1. The Background: Bringing Martial Arts to Australia
  2. The Problem: The Hassle of Paper Waivers
  3. The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Waivers
  4. The Process: Turning Liability Waivers into Online Documents
  5. The Results
  6. Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign
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The Background: Bringing Martial Arts to Australia

Sherrilyn Walters and her team opened the Australian branch of the International Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre when she first moved down under in 2006. The goal was to deliver a unique martial arts school to locals, offering training in Chang Hong kung fu, tai chi, self-defense, and combat-oriented fitness.

This unique system sought to introduce these forms to athletes of all ages to train and build up their regimen for the greatest success in these skills going forward. However, these activities do carry a risk of serious injury, raising concerns for students and instructors to make sure that everyone is as safe as can be during sessions. With more new members joining the CMAHC ranks, a solution was needed to get a waiver of liability filled out in advance of a student's first class.

Sherrilyn and her team were in need of a digital solution to have waivers and releases of liability signed by new members ahead of time. This would also spare both her staff and students from having to worry about a physical paper copy of an indemnity form or medical waiver form upon their first session. That's where WaiverSign came into the picture, delivering an online waiver unique to CMAHC's needs.

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The Problem: The Hassle of Paper Waivers

Filling out paperwork is a pain in just about every environment, and the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre did not want to burden their new clients with paper waivers for martial arts. CMAHC knew they needed to make sure that new students or their parents/legal guardians understood the risks associated with signing up. That's why a digital solution made the most sense to get liability waivers in order before the first class.

CMAHC took the legal advice of their attorneys to draft up a release agreement that would spare them from any litigation related to gross negligence or personal injury. Now, the task became creating an easily accessible format that could be signed online, expediting the registration process. That's where WaiverSign sought to offer the perfect digital solution to their concerns.

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The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Waivers

Rather than having to deal with paper copies, Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia found that putting their martial arts liability waivers online made for easier enrollment. Whether it's an adult waiver or a release form for a minor, CMAHC wanted to afford releasees time to look over these important documents to truly understand the risk associated with martial arts classes and other fitness programs.

"We wanted an efficient online solution for new members to complete waivers and membership forms without the hassle of filling out paper forms."

With WaiverSign, Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia was able to layout precautions that come with their classes, alerting prospective students before they agree to take part in a class. Plus, a participant's signature can be obtained electronically. E-signatures have become the latest asset for a business in any realm. Signing a digital waiver now holds up in most jurisdictions in the event of a lawsuit, recognized as just as valid as a physical signature.

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The Process: Turning Liability Waivers into Online Documents

Martial arts can bring out the best in a student, from regimented instruction in hand-to-hand combat to the inner sanctity that comes with arts like tai chi. WaiverSign approaches liability waivers for martial arts with responsibility for both business owner and client, creating clear templates that afford a simpler waiver that can be signed with the greatest of ease.

1. Send us your waiver.

WaiverSign works with you every step of the way to make sure that your paper waiver syncs up to your new online template. Just send us a copy of your release form and we'll get started from there..

2. Students sign online.

WaiverSign doesn't pull any punches when it comes to making sure the best interest of an organization is protected. Once a waiver form meets your standards, you can begin the digital onboarding process for your students. Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia sends a link off to their prospective students to read over the release of liability and membership forms in advance of their first class.

In addition to sending out a designated URL to potential students, other martial arts studios have found that a QR code is an easy way to have their waiver forms accessed online. It's all in the name of making sure that students understand risk and sole responsibility when taking part in martial arts activities.

3. Online Waivers are safely stored.

Teaching self-defense is just some of what Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia has sought to encourage. However, they needed their own defense to avoid any potential lawsuits. WaiverSign's online waiver template not only saves time in getting important documents out to students but also provides a convenient database for references for all organizations. You'll be able to download your contacts' consent forms as needed, having easily accessible proof that the risk of injury was understood by a client.

The Results

Switching to electronic waivers, Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia was able to expedite their registration process. New students, parents, and legal guardians had enough time to look over these waivers before providing their electronic, or e-signature, and giving the green light for students to meet with instructors for scheduled sessions to build physical and mental health.

This effectively added as a warmup for CMAHC, as they also no longer had to worry about where these waiver forms were located. With safe online storage, Sherrilyn and her staffers could quickly lookup any important documents if needed to make sure that a student was cleared legally and medically to take to the mat.

Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign

You've learned how WaiverSign saved a lot of time and physical storage for Ozark Bike Guides, affording more time to focus on bike tours and a better time for cyclists who sign up. For understanding what happens in the event of injury, this waiver makes riders aware of the terms of this document without having to rush to read it. However, there is even more to what WaiverSign has to offer.

1. E-signatures are just easier.

With electronic signatures being recognized by most jurisdictions, it just makes more sense than ever for businesses of all backgrounds to move their waivers online. These e-signatures hold up in a court of law, often leading to the dismissal of a lawsuit. With a clear template that dictates the facts, a release of liability signed by a student confirms the assumption of risk, and closes the case there.

2. It's easier to update forms.

Rather than having to print out a new liability waiver with each new crop of students, a link or QR code is sent out for students or adults to sign for minors. You also don't have to worry about printing out new waivers to make changes to any legal restrictions or to adapt to a specific activity. All of your edits can be made online, and the template can be adjusted to suit the needs of your studio.

3. It's a time and money saver.

Wrangling up paperwork with physical signatures can wear thin for just about anybody, especially when you want to focus on instruction in your martial arts studio. One of the greatest assets of WaiverSign is no longer having to send your staffers chasing people down to sign on the dotted line. With access to a URL and an online format, a good waiver can provide clarity, but also some assurance on the back-end.

"It is a great platform that is reliable and easy to use."

Martial arts studios no longer have to print out a pile of paperwork for every class and instructor, leading to damaged forms or waivers going missing. That could lead to significant headaches in litigation down the line. WaiverSign saved Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia time in getting those forms filled out, and in making adaptations as needed for legal reasons. Plus, you'll save on paper and ink with each change. It's time to see what WaiverSign can do for your studio today.

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WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Martial Arts

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