WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Volunteer Cleanups

Chad Allen
Chad Allen

Cleaning up our communities is important to make sure we show off the true beauty of our hometowns. Letting litter pile up on the side of the street takes away from what makes our communities shine at their brightest. Our environment is the only one we have, so taking the time to clean up our neighborhoods is one of the easiest ways to not only beautify our backyards but also show a united front as neighbors.

Community cleanup events present plenty of volunteer opportunities. However, there is a risk that comes with picking up litter and debris that has piled up, as well as taking part in restoration projects to better the environment. The Great Raleigh Cleanup recognized those risks and wanted to make sure its volunteers signed waivers before tackling these important tasks. That's where WaiverSign sought to make things easier for their crew to focus on boosting their city's beauty.

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  1. The Background: Rallying for Raleigh
  2. The Problem: So Many Volunteers, So Little Time
  3. The Solution:WaiverSign's Online Consent Forms
  4. The Process: Turning Liability Waivers into Online Documents
  5. The Results
  6. Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign

The Background: Rallying for Raleigh

Preston Ross III founded The Great Raleigh Cleanup after noticing that his hometown, and the capital of North Carolina, was garnering far too much litter on the ground. His goal: create an environmental advocacy group that could make Raleigh the cleanest and greenest city in the United States.

Preston knew he could take his case to the local government and try and call out politicians for the problem. Instead, he got out and started picking up trash. From a team of just two volunteers, The Great Raleigh Cleanup has continued to increase in size, with more volunteer applications coming in than ever from residents and North Carolinians alike who are looking to slap on the work gloves and beautify their community.

While any volunteer program loves getting more boots on the ground, it's also important to keep volunteers safe. That's where The Great Raleigh Cleanup sought out a digital solution to having potential volunteers sign liability waivers in advance of their helping out. WaiverSign was there with the right online formatting to make sure that waivers were not only signed but also set aside safely for review when needed.

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The Problem: So Many Volunteers, So Little Time

While Preston and The Great Raleigh Cleanup crew were thrilled to see an influx of volunteers, they soon realized that they needed a quicker registration process that also saved them from having to store mountains of paperwork. While helping hands for a big sweep is great, volunteer cleanup liability waivers are a must as there are hidden dangers that lurk with picking up trash. Rather than having to deal with paper documents at the cleanup site, digital solutions could let everything be taken care of online.

Placing a liability waiver online would not only avoid the hassle on cleanup day, but also give volunteers the time to read over a waiver before offering up their electronic, or e-signature. The Great Raleigh Cleanup's staff knew that with the right platform, online waivers can be signed with ease and their focus could turn to their efforts to revitalize the city.

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The Solution: WaiverSign's Online Consent Forms

The Great Raleigh Cleanup wanted to make sure that their liability waivers for volunteer cleanups were clear as could be, but not taking up so much time that volunteers were held back from conservancy efforts. That's where WaiverSign was able to help them create the right form template to let volunteers sign up with the greatest ease, while also giving them important facts to remember upon registration for any cleanup activity.

"WaiverSign allows an easy location to store signed waivers and collect important data like email address and emergency contacts."

With WaiverSign, Preston and his team no longer had to lug paper waivers to an event, risking losing those important documents or having them get damaged. With volunteer waivers that laid out the risks associated with these efforts, people were also made aware of the precautions they needed to take to avoid serious injury or illness while helping out. Sun protection, closed-toe shoes, and long pants are just some of the musts to wear to prevent any issues when trying to do better for your community.

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The Process: Turning Liability Waivers into Online Documents

Switching from paper waivers to electronic documents might seem like a lot for any business to undertake. However, WaiverSign makes such activities so much easier. That's why touring companies that are subject to liability claims and other litigation turn to our platform with evidence of an incredible rate of success.

1. Send us your waiver.

WaiverSign helps out volunteer programs every step of the way. Send us your liability waiver, and we'll work with you to create an online template that meets your needs.

2. Volunteers sign online.

Once those paper waivers are transformed into an online document, you're ready to have participants begin the onboarding process. The Great Raleigh Cleanup sends its volunteers either a link or QR code that leads them to their designated WaiverSign URL. From there, they follow easy step-by-step instructions to allow for quick signing for adults or their children.

Volunteer events are no longer a hassle to make sure that papers are signed, as volunteers sign using an e-signature in advance of cleanup day, putting the focus on bettering the community and making sure that volunteers have all of the cleanup supplies they need to make this project happen.

3. Online Waivers are safely stored.

Come the day of the cleanup, you'll have confirmation of which volunteers can help out and who still needs to sign their waivers before putting on a pair of disposable gloves. Those online waivers are safely stored away for quick reference in the event of any incident. With WaiverSign, volunteer organizations are able to download waiver forms as needed, or just to quickly look up to make sure everything is in order.

The Results

As more volunteers join The Great Raleigh Cleanup, the registration process is now easier than ever. Group leaders are able to quickly confirm that waivers have been signed-in advance and that volunteers, or adults signing for minors, understood the assumption of risk as they get ready to take part in these beautification projects.

As Preston watched more people express interest in helping out, he had the peace of mind in knowing that liability waivers were signed well in advance. Plus, he no longer had to show up at each cleanup site with a mountain of paperwork for volunteers to glance over and sign. WaiverSign allowed him to focus on annual events like The Wake County Big Sweep and local coordination for National Cleanup Day.

Other Benefits of Using WaiverSign

You've learned how WaiverSign saved a lot of time and physical storage for Ozark Bike Guides, affording more time to focus on bike tours and a better time for cyclists who sign up. For understanding what happens in the event of injury, this waiver makes riders aware of the terms of this document without having to rush to read it. However, there is even more to what WaiverSign has to offer.

1. WaiverSign helps you go green.

With a digital waiver, companies can save physical space and money for printing out liability waivers. Eliminating this cost for paper and ink can save businesses in various industries a lot in the long run. Furthermore, biking tour companies and everyone in between can tout their efforts in giving back to the environment.

2. Electronic signatures are more convenient.

More jurisdictions across the U.S. are accepting electronic signatures within a court of law. This digital signature holds up the same as a physical signature and can save you from costly legal fees in the event of litigation. These online consent forms are put into a template that is easy to read and follow, allowing volunteers to confirm their assumption of risk. Once seen, a judge will likely order a quick dismissal of a personal injury lawsuit or legal action on the grounds of negligence.

3. Make quick updates to waiver forms.

If you need to put any additional information onto your waiver or change things up for a particular cleanup event, WaiverSign saves you from having to print out a batch of new forms. You can make adjustments to your template in real-time, plus we'll work with you in case the new information doesn't suddenly appear on your online waiver, or if your format just needs a little sprucing up.

"The customer service is great. It feels like I can get someone immediately and don't have to call in or what days for a response."

The Great Raleigh Cleanup was able to save time on backend logistics with WaiverSign, and put more focus on their community beautification efforts. WaiverSign's electronic signature system provides an automated platform that manages its own storage and makes document retrieval that much easier. Both your volunteer program and those who sign up to help out on the cleanup day will greatly appreciate the ease of use and convenience of these digital waivers.

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WaiverSign Makes Liability Waivers Easier for Volunteer Cleanups

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