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Want a Waiver Process That Gives Where It Counts?

When volunteers show up to pitch in and help out, the last thing they’re looking to do is spend their precious time signing paperwork. You’re not looking to waste the man hours either. So why do we still put up with paper documents? Paper comes with costs: for blank paper, for printer ink, for storage space of signed documents, and for the time it takes to sign them. Plus, that information isn’t easy to reference later. Going digital removes all of those issues and provides several more benefits.

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Getting Your Volunteer Liability Waiver Online

Use WaiverSign’s online waiver platform to create and administer your waiver. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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Add your new volunteer waiver link to your website, emails, or kiosk.

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Your signed documents are stored in WaiverSign and retrieved in seconds.

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Why Make Your Volunteer Waiver Digital?

Going digital has dramatically improved a wide number of business and organization processes. The same is true for waivers and release forms. Digital volunteer waivers are more convenient for everyone involved, and WaiverSign makes them simple to create, to administer, and to reference. Your digital volunteer waiver will be:

  • Easier for you and your volunteers
  • Contactless and paperless
  • Less expensive than printing and storing
  • Stored in the cloud in a searchable database, making both blank and signed forms retrievable in moments
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How to Simplify Signature Collection on Your Volunteer Waiver

When using a physical document process, it can be hard to tell who has signed the appropriate waiver, and who has not. Beyond that, most signers have to be in person to fill out the document, or are forced to send photos or scans of signed waivers. The process is slow, cumbersome, and prone to error. With digital waivers, though, outstanding unsigned waivers can be tracked, and signers can complete documents ahead of time by clicking a simple link. If you’d like volunteers to sign when they arrive, you can have each person scan a QR code to sign your waiver or release form on their own device.

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Collecting the Details You Need with Each Volunteer Waiver

Volunteer waivers are as varied as the organizations that use them, and the services being provided. What’s more, circumstances may change over time, necessitating modifications for the waiver. With digital waivers, though, it’s easy to customize the form to collect the information you need, and making changes is just as easy. Build it how you want, change it as often as you need.

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Make Your Volunteer Waiver Look More Professional

Your volunteers may be approaching their service more casually, but they’re expecting your organization to be taking what you do seriously. So, put them at ease by extending your brand consistency to your digital legal documents. Add your logo, customize colors to meet brand guidelines, and more, and change them any time.

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Improve and Simplify Your Check-In Process

For many organizations, volunteer help comes most often when coordinated in large groups, meaning it’s not one or two volunteers at a time that show up. Using paper waivers can create a bottleneck when they arrive in numbers, as copies have to be handed out, pens are needed to sign, and writing surfaces are limited. Ditch all of that for the streamlined signing process of digital documents, and never leave volunteers waiting or wasting time because of paperwork again.

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Make Signing Volunteer Waivers for Minors Easier

Adults aren’t the only ones who give back to their community. Teenagers and children often show their support for worthy causes, but they often can’t do it without an adult’s permission. So, make the process of getting that permission the easiest part of the whole experience. WaiverSign’s system has built in functionality for this. Customize age requirements, and then allow adults to sign for themselves, for minors, or for both with a single click.

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Custom Hold Harmless Agreement

Customize Your Volunteer Waiver

Not only can you customize your document to collect a variety of preset personal details, you can freely modify the language of your waiver, and include any number of requirements or special fields. With the document editor, you can set the signing and age parameters, and make changes to the document itself as often as you like, adding or removing things such as:

  • Accept or decline sections
  • Initials to acknowledge specific sections
  • Custom input fields or questions
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Need to sign more than just Volunteer Waiver Forms?

WaiverSign can help you gather digital signatures on just about any type of waiver or release form, on boarding document, or other agreement that you need to have signed repeatedly. You and your staff will enjoy the simpler, more convenient process, and signers will prefer the digital system to anything that requires passing a physical object between people.

Who uses WaiverSign?

Whether you provide an experience, manage events, promote healthy lifestyles, or help with personal care, you’ll find WaiverSign’s online waivers and digital release forms will save you time and money. WaiverSign’s online waiver software makes managing waivers simple.


Millions of Volunteer Liability Waivers Signed and Stored

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"We use WaiverSign for our new Code of Conduct and Member Acknowledgement. It is so user friendly for our varied demographics and streamlines the process for our health club. We love how simple it is to use."

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"WaiverSign has helped our check-in process, lightened my workload, and provided an easier format for our guests and for us. We love being able to associate guests to an event name and easily look up guests."


"Working with WaiverSign has been a great experience. Having WaiverSign on our website allows large groups to complete the waiver prior to arriving, thus speeding their entry into our locations."

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"WaiverSign was able to help us get our system up and running quickly and seamlessly. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to collect and organize waivers from a large group of participants."

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