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Enhance Your Electronic Waiver Experience

Electronically collect signatures on liability waivers and other important documents through easy-to-share links, kiosk environments, or directly on your own website. Store them indefinitely, retrieve one in seconds!

Customer Features

Kiosk Compatible

Set up WaiverSign on any kiosk app, giving your guests the ability to sign on the kiosk at your location.

Sign Multiple Documents at Once

Bundle multiple documents together so your guests only have to enter their basic information once.

Event Management

Manage and search for groups of guests who have signed a particular document associated with an event.

Event Group Coordinator

Assign a Group Coordinator who can receive notification emails as group members sign their documents.

Multi Language

Present your document and signing instructions in multiple languages, giving your guests the opportunity to sign in the language they prefer.

Link to Documents

Create a link to one or more documents and specify the mode or events you wish to associate with the document(s).

Electronic Signatures Anywhere

Allow participants to sign electronically ahead of time or at your location using virtually any web enabled device.

Accept/Decline & Initials

Draw attention to specific sections in your waiver by including accept/decline & initial clauses within your document.

Business Owner Features

Custom Fields

Build your electronic waiver with unlimited question fields including checkboxes, dropdowns, and text boxes.

Customized Logo & Branding

Upload your company logo to your waiver and it will display during the signing process, as well as on the completed PDF.

Data Ownership

Own the data you collect from each participant. If you close your account, you can export all of your participant data. We then delete it from our servers.

Unlimited Documents

Serve up and store as many different waiver documents as needed.

Secured Waiver Storage

Store all your signed waivers and participant data securely in the cloud. Access it within seconds.

Export Data and PDFs

Export your electronically-collected participant data and your waiver documents at any time.

Customized Signing/Age Parameters

Customize what type of individual can sign each electronic waiver (adults only, adults and minors, or minors only).

Electronic Waiver Integrations

Integrate WaiverSign with your reservation system for a seamless data collection and customer service process.

Lookup Signed Waivers

Search for and find signed documents or participants by using search criteria including Name, Email, Event Name, etc.

Dashboard View

Receive greater insight into who is signing your documents such as number of waivers signed, participant ages, and gender.

Expired Waivers

Track the last time one of your guests signed an electronic waiver, and determine if it’s time for them to sign another.

Waiver Editor

Edit your published waiver at any time, so that any new guests who sign the document will immediately see the newly published wording.


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