Signing For Minors Made Simple

Customized Signing and Age Parameters

Customize Release And Waiver of Liability For Minors

Do you require that minors have an adult sign for them? Do you consider an adult to be 16 instead of 18? Do you allow minors to sign for themselves? No problem, with WaiverSign you can easily set which options work best for your scenario.

Online Waiver Kiosk Right

Gather The Signatures You Need

Set up your waivers to have the right people signing each document. There are 3 main options used.

  1. Adult signs for self (18+ or whatever age you set)
  2. Parent/Guardian signs for minors (again age can be set for who requires a parent/guardian signature.)
  3. Parent/Guardian is participant and signs for self and any minors

More Features

Multiple online waiver documents


Bundle multiple documents together so your guests only have to enter their basic information once.

Learn more about online waivers ›
Electronic waiver signature on device


Allow participants to sign electronically & contactless ahead of time or at your location using virtually any web enabled device.

Set up electronic waiver signatures ›
Languages for online waivers


Present your document and signing instructions in multiple languages, giving your guests the opportunity to sign in the language they prefer.

Multi language setup ›

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