Waiver Integration Made Simple

Electronic waiver integration

API Powered Electronic Waiver Integrations

Integrate with whatever reservation system that you are currently using, with our API, simplifying your data collection and customer service. Gathering essential customer data and connecting it to your bookings will make a huge difference.

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WaiverSign + RESMARK = Simplified

For an even better experience than using our API, check out the RESMARK Reservation and Marketing system. With WaiverSign built directly into RESMARK you can access your data all in one seamless application. No more need to train everyone on multiple applications. Plus you can set up automated emails and more, all using the data gathered from the signing process.


More Features

Data Ownership


Own the data you collect from each participant. If you close your account, you can export all of your participant data. We then delete it from our servers.

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Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Build your digital waiver with unlimited question fields including checkboxes, dropdowns, and text boxes.

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Lookup Signed Documents


Search for and find signed documents or participants by using search criteria including Name, Email, Event Name, etc.

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