Retrieve Your User Data And Signed Waivers

Export Data and PDFS

Export Waiver Data and Signed Waiver PDFS

Collecting signatures digitally will help simplify many parts of your process, but if you can’t easily retrieve the data you are collecting, then it might not be worth it. Don't worry, with WaiverSign you can simply export a .CSV and use your data how you see fit. Also, you can save PDF versions of signed documents, in case you ever need to print them.

Use data gathered as an email list.

Use Your Data As An Email List

Since you own all the data collected using Waiversign, you can export that data and use it as an email list. Now you aren't just collecting signatures, but you are rapidly building your email marketing list.


More Features

Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Build your digital waiver with unlimited question fields including checkboxes, dropdowns, and text boxes.

Digital waiver custom fields ›
Link to Documents


Create an online waiver link to one or more documents and specify the mode or events you wish to associate with the document(s).
How to create online waiver link ›
Data Ownership


Own the data you collect from each participant. If you close your account, you can export all of your participant data. We then delete it from our servers.

Online waiver data ownership ›

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