Your Data to Use and Keep

Online Waiver Data Collection

Own 100% of Your Online Waiver Data

When your customers sign a waiver you have the opportunity to collect a lot of valuable information about them from their name and birth date to allergies and their favorite cereal. With paper waivers you know exactly how secure the data you have collected is. With WaiverSign you can rest easy knowing that you will own 100% of the data that you collect, allowing you to do whatever you need to with your new data.

Digital waiver process with custom branding

Easy and Secure Online Waiver Retrieval

Not only is the data you collect yours, but it is saved securely in the cloud and is easy to retrieve if and when you need it. Simply go to the signed documents page and click “Export Contacts”. A CSV file will be saved with all current contact data. You can also export all your documents from here as well.


More Features

Customized Logo Branding


Upload your company logo to your waiver and it will display during the signing process, as well as on the completed PDF.

Customize your digital waiver ›
Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Build your digital waiver with unlimited question fields including checkboxes, dropdowns, and text boxes.

Digital waiver custom fields ›
Languages for online waivers


Present your document and signing instructions in multiple languages, giving your guests the opportunity to sign in the language they prefer.

Multi language setup ›

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