How WaiverSign works in 8 Steps
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Online Waiver & Release of Liability

Creating an online waiver or converting your existing paper waiver into an online waiver is a fairly simple process. We walk you through the steps here and then give you some options to sign a sample waiver / release of liability online. Here are the steps you’d follow in WaiverSign to be up and running with your own online waiver. Simply setup, send, sign and store.

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Create a custom online waiver or release of liability

Business Owner Becky creates her account on WaiverSign. She has an existing Release of Liability Form that is fairly straightforward. She opens the document on her computer and copies and pastes the content into WaiverSign.

Edit Document

Decide what information to collect on the waiver

Next, Becky chooses what information she wants to collect on her liability waiver. She has 16 standard fields to choose from, including name, address, phone, and date of birth, as well as custom fields that she can create to gather additional information.

Collect Info
Multi Language

Decide what language options to show for the waiver

Becky then decides it would be a good idea to have her online waiver in both english and spanish since many of her participants are native spanish speakers. She toggles over to spanish and pastes in a version of the release form in spanish. Becky knows this will help protect her if one of her participants claims that they couldn’t understand her Release of Liability Form in english.


Present your online waiver to your participants

Once Becky has her documents all ready and has reviewed the process with a lawyer, she is ready to have her online release form signed. Her legal counsel suggested that it would help protect her further if she collected the signed online waivers in advance. She likes that idea, but knows that some people will still show up not having signed it, so Becky decides to do the following:

Kiosk Phone
Sign Waiver

Collect signed waivers and participant information

Now that Becky has everything set up, she is excited to collect her first electronic signature on her new online release form. Minutes later, she gets a call from Pamela Participant who is registering herself and her two boys, Peter and Paul. She sends off the confirmation email which is received by Pamela. Pamela clicks the link to sign the online release form and is walked through a few simple steps.

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Optional notifications are sent whenever an online waiver is signed

Meanwhile, Becky notices her email inbox is lighting up with some new messages. She just received confirmation of all 3 online release forms being signed.

Signed Waivers

Signed online waivers are stored for easy retrieval

Excited to see how this looks inside WaiverSign, Becky goes to “View all Signed” in the application and sees the 3 forms that have been signed. She can click each one and view or print the signed release form if needed.


Contacts are stored in the WaiverSign marketing database

Becky also notices that Pamela is now added as a contact in WaiverSign with all her personal and demographic information stored. Becky is so happy she won’t have to collect paper waivers by hand and key in all the personal data (that she could barely read) into her marketing database. She can now see who has opted in to receive newsletters and add them to her email list with a simple export.

Contact Info

Like What You See?

Try out the signing process for yourself. Enter your email when asked and you will receive an example of the follow up email as well.

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