Track When Waivers Need To Be Signed Again

Waiver expiration

Track Electronic Waiver Expiration Dates

Do you require that participants sign a waiver every time they do an activity or maybe just once a year? If so, you will enjoy being able to track when waivers need to be signed again. Simply set the number of days in which the waiver will expire. When the designated number of days passes, the participant will be required to sign a new waiver.

Expired Wiavers

Set Documents To Expire To Participation

If you use RESMARK, then you can simply set each waiver to expire prior to participating in an activity. That way your participants sign every time they participate in an activity and not just once a year. This protects your business and allows you to update your waiver if needed without worry.


More Features

Export Data Pdfs


Export your electronically-collected participant data and your waiver documents at any time.

Export waiver data and pdfs ›
Secured Storage


Store all of your signed waivers and participant data securely in the cloud. Access it within seconds.

Secured digital waiver storage ›
Data Ownership


Own the data you collect from each participant. If you close your account, you can export all of your participant data. We then delete it from our servers.

Online waiver data ownership ›

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