Digital waivers speed up Stumpy's Hatchet House

Kate Tucker
Kate Tucker

WaiverSign is a proud partner of Stumpy’s Hatchet House and we have worked together since the beginning of their business. Over the past several years there has been a rise all around the US in axe throwing venues. I have been axe throwing once and I’m happy to say that my axe throwing skills are certainly better than my dart throwing skills. It must have something to do with the weight of the hatchet or at least that’s what I like to tell myself! If you ever get the opportunity to visit a location, you should definitely do it. It will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before. It’s adventurous in an old “pioneer-style” kind of way. If you’ve ever had a dream of being a cowboy or cowgirl then this is your place and a blast to do with friends.

Stumpy’s Hatchet House is America's original indoor hatchet throwing venue, providing a rustic, invigorating retreat from life's daily grind where guests can unwind and celebrate life's special occasions. Stumpy’s Hatchet House specializes in corporate team building, birthday parties bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday parties and more. They have been in business for three and a half years, operating a corporate location in Eatontown NJ. WaiverSign was able to help them quickly and efficiently expand their business model across the United States with each new location having their own WaiverSign account. They currently have 15 operating franchises in NJ, PA, DE, MD, FL, MA, NC and TX. In the next 12 to 18 months they will have an additional 22 franchises operating in PA, NJ, LA, FL, TX, MN, VA and CA.

Stuart Josberger, Managing Partner at Stumpy’s, looked to WaiverSign to help find an efficient, fast and smooth way for people to sign online waivers. WaiverSign is presented to their guests via their website so guests can sign waivers ahead of their arrival at the Hatchet House or they can sign a waiver in their on-site training rooms via a permanent tablet. We asked Stuart about the WaiverSign implementation process and he responded by saying that,

“Working with WS (WaiverSign) has been a great experience. The staff is very responsive, pulls off last minute set ups and solves problems quickly.”

It was really nice to hear Stuart say that because at WaiverSign we really pride ourselves on not only our turn-around time for helping you to get an account set up but also for our customer service and support which time and time again we are complimented on. In a world of automation and massive company phone trees, it’s nice to know that you can talk to a real human being who wants to help you and your business be successful. Bottom line.

Stuart also shared with us how easy it is for them to pull data from their WaiverSign application and utilize it in their company marketing needs like email marketing lists and follow up lists. Stuart also mentioned that one of the biggest benefits of using WaiverSign was the

“Quick, easy and consistent entry into our locations. Having it on our website allows large groups to complete the waiver prior to arriving, thus speeding their entry into our locations.”

He makes a great point in that WaiverSign can help you cut down on the wait time at check in, especially when waivers can be signed ahead of time. This is especially true when you have a specific event. With the Event functionality within the WaiverSign application, you can manage lots of different events all at one time. You can give an event a name, specify a date and even assign a coordinator. The coordinator, think best woman/man for a bachelorette/bachelor party or the HR person who’s heading up a big corporate event. The coordinator will not have to sign into WaiverSign, instead they will get an email notifying them that a new sign up has occurred along with a link to current sign-ups that they can access. Super easy and efficient and again, keeps the wait time down when everyone is checking in to have fun and throw axes!

    Participants Signing Stumpys Waiver
    online waiver on tablet with keyboard

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    Kate Tucker

    Digital waivers speed up Stumpy's Hatchet House

    By Kate Tucker

    Kate is the Business Development Manager at WaiverSign and works with all of our WaiverSign companies. She was born and raised in the mountains of Vermont and has lived in CO, CA, and most recently the coast of Charleston, SC. She is an avid outdoor adventurer who loves to travel, hike, ski, swim, beach comb, cook, and spend time with her family and dogs.
    *All information is accurate as of October 2019.