Digital Waivers for Ice Climbing Adventures

Kate Tucker
Kate Tucker

Summit Ascents International, based out of Denver, CO is now using WaiverSign to help their clients scale the summits of signing waivers before their ice climbing courses, domestic and international expeditions. Scott Halpenny, Owner and VP of Operations heard about WaiverSign from a fellow Colorado outfitter and contacted us to learn more about the product. Scott started Summit Ascents International a year and a half ago and it came from his love of mountaineering, climbing and the outdoors in general.

SAI offers world class rock and ice climbing trips, hiking, backcountry skiing tours and Summit Ascents, hence their name. They get a lot of Colorado climbers signing up for their courses and trips, but they also get people from all over the US. What’s cool about their program is that they have different tracks to help you accomplish your goals and dreams. If you’re a beginner and have never climbed before, then they have a track for you that can have you climbing in no time. If you’re more advanced and have dreams of bagging a big peak, then they have a track for you that will not only include making sure your mountaineering skills are top notch but also your fitness as well as nutrition to make your expedition be the best it can be. Their guides are top-notch, accredited and experienced in all things outdoor related.Scott came to WaiverSign because he was looking for a solution to replace the paper waivers they were previously using.

    Summit Ascents International Ice Climber

    A simple and quick solution

    Scott was looking for an easy and quick way for his customers to sign online waivers. I asked Scott if he could describe the WaiverSign implementation process and he said,

    “Simple...Took minutes to set-up, and has saved us a substantial amount of time, plus it's much harder to lose that paper!”

    Scott is certainly not the only WaiverSign customer to say this. Time and time again, I hear from outfitters and businesses about the issues of dealing with paper--the cost of paper and ink, filing and storage issues and then of course, that good old lost piece of paper! Scott really summed it up nicely when he talked about the ease of use with WaiverSign , both for him and his customers. My hope is that WaiverSign helps Scott flawlessly execute his office and trip planning duties so that he can get back out in the mountains to enjoy the adventures that made him start Summit Ascents International in the first place.

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    Kate Tucker

    Digital Waivers for Ice Climbing Adventures

    By Kate Tucker

    Kate is the Business Development Manager at WaiverSign and works with all of our WaiverSign companies. She was born and raised in the mountains of Vermont and has lived in CO, CA, and most recently the coast of Charleston, SC. She is an avid outdoor adventurer who loves to travel, hike, ski, swim, beach comb, cook, and spend time with her family and dogs.
    *All information is accurate as of October 2019.