Simplify Collection of Signatures With Large Groups

Event Group Coordinator

Ensure Everyone Signs an Electronic Waiver With Event Coordinators

If you have a large group or an event then WaiverSign events are perfect for you. When creating an event simply add an event coordinator (a person who is in charge of tracking down everyone in the group to get signatures). The event coordinator will receive an email for every electronic waiver that is signed, making it easy to keep track of who still needs to sign.

Signed Documents

Create an Electronic Waiver Signature List

Generate and export signature lists as a CSV by setting up an event in WaiverSign. The signature list is available to anyone who has a link to view it. Send a direct link to the event coordinator or anyone else that might be in charge of making sure everyone signs their electronic signature.


More Features

Event Management


Manage and search for groups of guests who have signed a particular document associated with an event.

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Electronic waiver signature on device


Allow participants to sign electronically & contactless ahead of time or at your location using virtually any web enabled device.

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Digital Waiver with Checkmark


Draw attention to specific sections in your digital waiver by including accept/decline & initial clauses within your document.

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