Electronic Hotel Waivers

Stephen Porritt
Stephen Porritt

Here at WaiverSign, we love hearing the success stories of our clients—learning about the great work they do, and how digital waivers help them do it easier. And to be honest, our favorite part of the job is when we see our product really work for a client. So, when we get positive feedback from the businesses that use our system, we can’t help but hold it up for everyone on the internet to see.

In that spirit, here’s the feedback we received from William Grace of The Westin Annapolis in Maryland.

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    Electronic Waivers at The Westin Annapolis

    An easily recognized fixture of downtown Annapolis, Maryland, The Westin Annapolis offers luxury comforts to those who visit the city. They offer hotel services to travelers, conference room services to local businesses, and event hosting services in their Capital Ballroom.

    Their need for electronic waivers is primarily COVID-based. “We are using WaiverSign to sign digital waivers based on COVID guidelines and general rules,” Mr. Grace states. He explains that they use WaiverSign to help with guest lists for events in the conference rooms and the ballroom, and that the system has made things “...very simple and easy…” for him and his staff.

    “It’s great to have the option to export to an Excel spreadsheet for check-in procedures,” he says, “And the online waiver signing process has helped ease my workload during COVID, which used to require numerous emails to get signed waivers. I can also access those waivers in an easier format, and my clients can too.”

    When asked what the best part about WavierSign was, he said “It’s the ability to associate guests to a specific event name, so we can cross-reference that list against the guest list on the day of the event.”

    It’s great to see that WaiverSign’s electronic signature system has made our client’s life a little easier.

    Paperless. Contactless. Hassle-less. That’s WaiverSign.

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    Stephen Porritt

    Electronic Hotel Waivers

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