Using Digital Sports Waivers to Keep Players on the Field

Stephen Porritt
Stephen Porritt

This year has been a pretty bad deal all around, but it's been an especially hard blow for the athletic industry. From the Major Leagues down to t-ball teams, games have been canceled, practices suspended, and the near future for every sport has been thrown into uncertainty.

Even as some sports have resumed activity, it's been a little dicey, and a lot of adjustments have had to be made to ensure the safety of the players, the referees, the coaches, the spectators, and everyone else who comes to the field.

No organization knows this like DS Sports Ventures, a sports investment group that supports nearly 9,000 teams local to the state of Florida. They’ve had to make their own modifications to how they operate, as Annie Cross-Cordon, COO of the investment group, explains. "The COVID-19 pandemic forced our sporting event companies to implement additional waivers in order to get back on the fields."

Sports teams already typically require participants to sign one or more legal documents before allowing them onto the team; requiring their 140,000 players to sign even more waivers presented some serious complications. So they turned to WaiverSign for help making that process easier.

"Kate and WaiverSign were able to help us get our system up and running quickly and seamlessly," Cross-Cordon states.

With WaiverSign, DS Sports Ventures—along with their teams—have been able to turn their waivers into digital documents, making them easier to administer, easier to collect, easier to store, and easier to retrieve when needed. It’s made their signing process faster, simpler, and less frustrating. All are changes they’re extremely grateful for.

"I highly recommend them for anyone looking to collect and organize waivers from a large group of participants," says Cross-Cordon.

If your business or organization administers waivers, terms and conditions, or other documents to large groups, we invite you to test-drive our online waiversfor free and see firsthand how your processes could benefit from digital signing and storage.

Paperless. Contactless. Hassle-less. That's WaiverSign.
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    Stephen Porritt

    Using Digital Sports Waivers to Keep Players on the Field

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