Easy to use Digital Waivers Help Businesses Conquer Battlegrounds and Back Offices

Stephen Porritt
Stephen Porritt

The need for effective, easy-to-use waivers (and for better document signing processes in general) is not unique to the United States. Case in point: our good friends at The Mill Combat Centre in Northern Ireland.

    Airsoft Battle the Mill Indoor Combat Center

    Doing Battle at The Mill

    Housed inside the historic Blackers Mill (a building that dates back to 1619 and served as an integral part of the fabric industry), The Mill Combat Centre is an indoor warzone, where skirmishes of every kind take place. Home to paintball and airsoft games, axe throwing, and much more, it’s a great place to blow off steam, build camaraderie, and experience the thrill of victory.

    The thing is, all of this excitement comes with a little bit of risk, and having players sign paper waivers can be a hassle. That’s why The Mill uses WaiverSign to offer online waivers to all of its customers.

    "As a business, we are always looking for new ways to enhance our customer experience and streamline our business to be more efficient," says Gordon Dreyer, director at The Mill. "We have many regular customers who spend a lot of time completing waivers before checking in and enjoying our activities. Going digital allows us to save all documentation securely online. Customers now only have to sign once and we know exactly where to find the signed waivers when needed."

    No one wants to spend the evening signing paperwork on game day, and with digital waivers, the team at The Mill is helping their guests avoid that unhappy scenario. That’s not the only reason they like WaiverSign, though.

    "The whole setup was easy from start to finish," Dreyer says. "The process was very straight forward and not complicated at all. WaiverSign's level of professionalism and efficiency was outstanding throughout. I can strongly recommend changing over to WaiverSign for your online needs."

    High praise from a group that knows all about gaining an edge in a fight. The Mill is putting digital waivers to good use by providing a smooth and painless experience for their guests, giving them a leg up on the competition. We're just happy to be part of their adventure.

    Paperless. Contactless. Hassle-less.That’s WaiverSign.

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    Stephen Porritt

    Easy to use Digital Waivers Help Businesses Conquer Battlegrounds and Back Offices

    By Stephen Porritt

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