Online Waivers and a Good Insurance Policy

Kate Tucker
Kate Tucker

We hunkered down and waited for Hurricane Dorian to pummel the coast of South Carolina last week. It was a long week of preparation with moving all patio furniture to the garage, moving all outdoor potted plants to the garage, moving basically anything that can fly in the wind to the garage. As you can imagine our garage was jam-packed full with anything and everything without an inch to spare. We also stocked up on supplies, checked all the batteries in all lights and lanterns, charged up all battery packs and solar chargers, boarded up the windows and battened down the hatches and waited for Dorian to arrive.

It’s always hard to know what to do when a Hurricane is approaching. Should we stay or should we go? It amazes me how the trajectory of a storm can change. Earlier in the week it looked like it was going to track to sea but then in the end it ended up passing us as a Category 3 storm on Thursday with howling winds, torrential rain and lots of flooding. We fared well at our home and in the end lost a large Oak tree with lots of downed tree limbs and debris everywhere. Our power was out for four days so that made for some great days of Uno and Scrabble while we listened to the wind howl. We were very lucky in Charleston and other areas like the Bahamas were not so lucky with loss of life and devastation to personal property and the beautiful islands. Very, very sad.

It got me thinking about our home insurance policy and flood insurance policy and hoping that we wouldn’t need to use them but that they were there if we needed them. Earlier in the year, WaiverSign started working with PARSAC in California, the Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California. Erike Young contacted us and wanted to set up over forty cities and towns they work with in the state so that they could go digital with online waivers. It has been a great partnership and it has given the city and town managers another tool for their municipalities to deal with the public and give them options for signing waivers. They can have people sign online waivers for community events and even for signing up kids and adults for recreational sports programs. They were also looking to make an environmental impact as well by saving paper and resources. It’s great to be aligned with companies that are thinking ahead to the future.

Like a good insurance policy, WaiverSign is here for you if you want to go digital with your online waiver signing process. Reach out and let us know if we can help. The beauty of living so close to the ocean is that we’re always going to have a hurricane season and we’re always waiting for the next one. Fingers crossed they stay out at sea!

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    Kate Tucker

    Online Waivers and a Good Insurance Policy

    By Kate Tucker

    Kate is the Business Development Manager at WaiverSign and works with all of our WaiverSign companies. She was born and raised in the mountains of Vermont and has lived in CO, CA, and most recently the coast of Charleston, SC. She is an avid outdoor adventurer who loves to travel, hike, ski, swim, beach comb, cook, and spend time with her family and dogs.
    *All information is accurate as of September 2019.