Streamlining Business with Digital Health Club Documents

Stephen Porritt
Stephen Porritt

If you’ve seen our website or read our other posts, you’re probably used to seeing us talk about liability releases and waivers. After all, it’s in the name. But many of our clients use our solution for other types of documents, and have seen the same benefits—quicker document signing, easier access to signed documents, reduced costs, and a simpler process overall.

Take, for instance, Manhattan Plaza Health Club (MPHC) in New York City. Rather than using WaiverSign to administer waivers, MPHC uses our service for several documents, signed both by members and staff alike.

According to Shannon Maloney, front desk manager at the health club, “MPHC uses WaiverSign for our new Code of Conduct/Member Acknowledgement that our members must sign off on before their first check in to the health club (post reopening). We also have all of our members and staff complete their required Daily Health Screening through WaiverSign.”

These are all important documents that help in mitigating liability, despite not being actual waivers. The WaiverSign system works for these documents because each person is signing the same template document.

Unlike contracts, leases, and other agreements that have to be customized for the signer, every time someone at MPHC signs a daily health screening, they’re signing a fresh copy of the same document the last person signed. Ditching all of those paper copies of each of those documents for digital templates that can be used over and over again has made life easier at MPHC.

“The biggest benefit to using WaiverSign,” Shannon explains, “Is that it is user-friendly for our varied demographic and it streamlines the process for all waivers that need to be signed in our health club.”

WaiverSign also helps with organization and document retrieval, making managing the paperwork and contact information a lot easier. “The fact that WaiverSign can store all of the data from our waivers in their website is also appealing to us for our facility records,” Shannon says. “We love how simple it is to view documents in real-time and to also have the capability to search by name or time period.”

We’re glad to hear it, Shannon.

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    Stephen Porritt

    Streamlining Business with Digital Health Club Documents

    By Stephen Porritt

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