Seafood, Amphicars, & Online Liability Waivers

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

After a long day exploring the Walt Disney World Resort, there's no better place to whet your appetite than by heading to the Disney Springs shopping and dining complex. Disney Springs is both open late and has a fantastic selection of places to grab dinner and desserts. Among the wide options to choose from, one particular restaurant finds a way to stand out from the crowd, and WaiverSign is there to help streamline the experience with online liability waivers.

The Boathouse Restaurant offers an upscale seafood dining experience that is great for date nights or family outings. I personally stopped by The Boathouse for the former with my wife on a recent trip to Disney World. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, a dockside bar, and fantastic waterfront sunset views. But most importantly, the food is absolutely fantastic.

    Arriving hungry is a must, because the menu is a tempting roster of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The dinner rolls offered once seated were delicious and I had to refrain from filling up on them before I’d even ordered. For the entree I ordered the Baked Crab Stuffed Lobster, and my wife went with the steamed lobster and a half dozen of their Lucky Dux oysters. It all tasted fantastic and we finished every bite!

    Boathouse Lobster

    Despite being full at this point, we just had to press on and order desserts. I chose the New York Blueberry Cheesecake; my wife, the famous Key Lime Pie in a Mason Jar. Both were satisfying ends to a great dinner. For the food alone, this place was definitely worth the visit and we couldn’t be more pleased.

    Boathouse Desert

    How Online Liability Waivers help The Boathouse

    At this point you may be wondering where an online liability waiver may come into play. What makes The Boathouse so unique is their amazing fleet of vintage amphicars. These classic cars are specially modified to function both as a car on land, and as a boat in the water and can be booked for guided tours of the lake which will take you around landmarks throughout Disney Springs.

    Boathouse With Two Amphicars Outfront

    Reservations can be easily made at the checkout counter of BOATIQUE, a cute gift shop attached to the restaurant. As a bonus, if you eat at the restaurant beforehand, your receipt will include a discount on the price of the tour. Before embarking, all guests need to sign an online liability waiver using WaiverSign. The tour guide will then pick you up in the amphicar right next to the restaurant and drive you straight down the dock into the water. It’s a really fun time to say the least.

    For more information about The Boathouse, visit their website.

    Boathouse Front Desk With Kiosk
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    Jeremy Jensen

    Seafood, Amphicars, & Online Liability Waivers

    By Jeremy Jensen

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