Improve the way that you use digital waivers

Chip Broyles
Chip Broyles

Digital signature collection is here to stay. From Photo and Media Releases, to Releases of Liability, when it comes to signatures, there are basically three key things you should look for in a solution like WaiverSign: How do I collect digital waivers onsite? How do I find and verify waivers? How do I store and manage digital waivers?

How do I collect digital waivers onsite?

Do you have participants or guests that show up onsite and need to sign a Release of Liability waiver or other important documents prior to engaging in an event or activity? Then you’ll appreciate WaiverSign’s built in kiosk functionality which helps facilitate those types of in-person signing experiences. This is just one of the many ways that you can leverage WaiverSign to gather required signatures.

Created with the customer experience in mind, WaiverSign efficiently guides the user through the signing process, all while anticipating the potential real-life scenarios that could creep in and draw someone’s attention away from completion.

The normal signing process in WaiverSign, which a guest would experience before arriving onsite, allows them to take as much time as they need to read the document, add their required information and details to the form, and then agree to and apply their signature to the document.

When the signing process is accessed through KIOSK-MODE, onsite at your business, a built in timer is added which automatically restarts the signing process if there is 20 seconds of inactivity. Before restarting, a modal pops up asking the signer if they need more time. A simple click of a button allows them to continue, but if there’s no response from the user, back to the beginning it goes. This is important for two reasons. First, it provides a better user experience for the next guest, and perhaps more importantly, it removes any sensitive personal information that the previous user may have entered on the screen.

In addition to WaiverSign’s built-in digital waiver kiosk functionality, you also can also use it in conjunction with any number of downloadable kiosk applications built specifically for tablets, such as Kiosk Pro for iOS devices, or Kiosk Browser for Android. These applications allow you to lock down your tablet so the user is unable to surf the internet using your device.

Keep in mind, if you ever need to make updates to your document, the fact that it’s being accessed through KIOSK-MODEor a kiosk application won’t affect anything. You’ll simply log into your WaiverSign account through your web browser, make the necessary updates to your document, and then save and re-publish. The next person that signs that document will see the updates that you made.

How do I find and verify waivers?

Gone are the days of searching hopelessly through piles of papers, stacked up in boxes, in some musty old barn or basement. Finding a PDF copy of a signed waiver couldn’t be easier with WaiverSign’s built in waiver location features.

Collecting signatures from customers and guests is usually about protecting the interests of your company. Working with a qualified lawyer, who can draft the proper wording you need is important, but finding a waiver, should you ever need to, will be just as important in protecting your assets.

WaiverSign’s document retrieval system was built to be flexible, meaning you can leverage many different pieces of information to search for, find, and produce a document. First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number, among other things, can be used to find the personal info and document you need. Almost instantly, you could find and produce a signed document that would have potentially taken you hours to find, if not weeks, back in the old days of files and boxes.

WaiverSign also takes finding a waiver to a whole new level with Event Management functionalitythat most other systems don’t even consider. Many of WaiverSign’s clients have a single document that all of their customers or guests sign. Sometimes, however, they have a particular event or activity, such as a ‘fun run’ or group activity, that they need to keep track of as a single signing group. A unique signing link can be generated and shared with a large group of people. Then all the people who sign a document using that link will be organized into a single, searchable group.

Event coordinators love this feature! It not only provides a convenient way to find and export an up-to-date list of signers, it also comes with a notification feature which lets the coordinator of that group know every time someone signs. Additionally, the coordinator has access to a live up-to-date list, which shows the name of everyone that has completed the signing process for that particular event. This is an invaluable tool that our clients simply can’t live without!

How do I store and manage digital waivers?

The world is filled with software solutions that help you manage everything from grocery lists, to taxes, to who your friends are and what pictures you want to share with them. But an underlying question, it may be important to remember, when leveraging some of these solutions, is who owns the data?

At WaiverSign, the data, along with the signatures you collect, is 100% yours to own and manage how you see fit. Just like the wording in the document you present to your customers and guests, we simply provide tools to help you manage it.

We don’t believe in long-term commitments or contracts here at WaiverSign. We believe that if you have a product that provides the service you need, you’ll continue to use it. If at any point you want to download and store the information and documents you’ve gathered from your signing guests, or print paper copies of the PDF document itself, we believe that you should have the right to do that.

Our Contact Information Export pulls all data gathered about both participants, as well as guardians, and exports them in an easy to store .csv file. Copies of the documents are exported as .pdf files, organized together in a .zip file.

While it’s certainly much easier to search for and find a particular document using the tools already built into WaiverSign, many of our clients prefer to also have copies of their documents stored locally on a hard drive for personal or legal reasons. For this reason, each individual PDF has a title that includes the signer’s first and last name, as well as the date and time the document was signed.

Bottom line, the information you gather from your signing guests is your data, and you have access to it whenever, and wherever, you need it.

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    Chip Broyles

    Improve the way that you use digital waivers

    By Chip Broyles

    Chip is a co-founder of WaiverSign , and is currently the VP of Business Development and Operations. He enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and playing acoustic guitar.
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