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Waiver Apps is Now  WaiverSign Waiver Apps is shutting down and Waiver Apps clients are moving to WaiverSign. Upgrade your waiver process today.

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Partner Benefits

Benefits for former WaiverApps Users

  • Beautiful, new signature process
  • More awesome tools in your account
  • 50 free signed waivers per month
  • Unlimited document templates
  • Unlimited storage
  • Priority support

Transition to WaiverSign and Don't Miss a Beat

Due to financial constraints from COVID, Waiver Apps is currently in the process of shutting down. Waiver Apps has asked WaiverSign to provide a seamless transition for their customers. To ensure the most seamless transition possible, the former Waiver Apps support team is now working directly for WaiverSign. Your transition will be as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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We'll Set Up Your Waiver

Our team will migrate your existing waiver templates into WaiverSign at no additional cost.

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Your Participants Sign Online

Replace your old signing link with your new WaiverSign link on your website, emails, or kiosk.

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Signed Waivers Are Securely Stored

All newly signed waivers will be securely stored WaiverSign and retrievable within seconds.

Get Started
online waivers only $10 per month

Simple & Affordable Pricing

Includes 50 signed documents each calendar month. Additional signed documents are only 10 cents each.

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Spend Less Time Managing Waivers & More Time Doing What You Love

With your new online waiver through WaiverSign, you’ll eliminate the frustrations of your current waiver process and let WaiverSign handle the important details.

Five Stars Stacked

Easy To Use

No more frustrating online waiver software. Your customers will love this.

Customized Logo Branding

Custom Branding

Make your business look professional and polished with a custom logo, images, and colors.

Secured Storage

Secure Storage

All signed waivers and contacts are securely stored for easy retrieval only by those with access.

Sign Multiple Documents at Once

Multiple Documents

Serve up unlimited documents during a single signing process to save time for your customers.

Multi Language

Multiple Languages

Our online waiver software will allow your customers to choose the language they prefer.

Event Management

Event Management

Associated your documents with individual events and event coordinators to keep organized.

Expiration Dates

Expiration Dates

Set your online waivers to be valid only for a certain time. Then collect new signatures.

Api Integration

API Integration

Connect WaiverSign’s online waiver software to your registration software.

Millions of Waivers Signed and Stored

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"We use WaiverSign for our new Code of Conduct and Member Acknowledgement. It is so user friendly for our varied demographics and streamlines the process for our health club. We love how simple it is to use."

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"WaiverSign was able to help us get our system up and running quickly and seamlessly. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to collect and organize waivers from a large group of participants."

the Westin Annapolis

"Simple and easy! WaiverSign has helped our check-in process, lightened my workload, and provided an easier format for our guests and for us. We love WaiverSign's feature to associate guests with a specific event name, easily look up guests, and export our guest list to a spreadsheet."


"Working with WaiverSign has been a great experience. Having WaiverSign on our website allows large groups to complete the waiver prior to arriving, thus speeding their entry into our locations."