A 40-page Haunted House online waiver

Kate Tucker
Kate Tucker

I will be the first one to admit that I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to all things scary. Let’s just say I’ve been known to park in my driveway and run an Olympic sprint to my front door so “something from the woods” doesn’t get me. I will be totally honest here in telling you that I had a hard time completing the haunted house that was set up in our elementary school in Vermont, The Old Gray Building. That name in and of itself is just creepy to me. The squished bowls of grapes that were supposed to be eyeballs and the bowls of spaghetti that were supposed to be intestines were enough to send me running for the hills at a young age, so I would not be a good companion to tour a haunted house with anyone.

Halloween is approaching and I recently read an article about having to sign a 40-page waiver before entering a haunted house in Tennessee. I instantly thought, “WaiverSign could handle that event really well.” As I continued to read the article, I realized that not only do you have to sign a 40-page online waiver to enter but you also have to watch a 2-hour video, get a medical release form signed by your doctor (which WaiverSign could also handle) and have a “safe word” in place to be able to get into the most terrifying haunted house in America, McKamey Manor. As I continued to read the article, it said that the haunted house is so extreme that no one has actually ever been able to complete it.

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    WaiverSign would be a great help to McKamey Manor not only to manage the signing of their online waivers, but also the event management portion of the business. It could handle any online waivers that vendors would have to sign and even the releases that the ghouls and goblins have to sign that are waiting in the darkness to scare the daylights out of people. If a company was going to have an event there, the event could be set up as its own private event with a specific name, specific dates and even a specific coordinator that could wrangle all of the people who were signing waivers. WaiverSign allows you to manage events with a streamlined approach that keeps everyone organized which is especially essential when you’re dealing with a large group.

    Think you have what it takes to tour this haunted house? The owner only requires that you bring a bag of dog food since he has five dogs and also donates some of the food that he collects. If you’re able to complete the haunted house then you could earn $20,000. For those of you thrill seekers out there, have at it. I plan to reach out to McKamey Manor to see if they want to work with WaiverSign, however a site visit is out of the question.

    Happy Halloween!

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    Kate Tucker

    A 40-page Haunted House online waiver

    By Kate Tucker

    Kate is the Business Development Manager at WaiverSign and works with all of our WaiverSign companies. She was born and raised in the mountains of Vermont and has lived in CO, CA, and most recently the coast of Charleston, SC. She is an avid outdoor adventurer who loves to travel, hike, ski, swim, beach comb, cook, and spend time with her family and dogs.
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