You’re Managing Waivers Better—But You Could Be Doing So Much More
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Adventures Are Better When You're Properly Equipped

WaiverSign is great at simplifying your waivers. It makes them easier to sign, easier to manage, and easier to track. But it’s not the only tool in our tool belt. WaiverSign is part of RESMARK, a comprehensive business app designed specifically to help you manage tours, activities, events, or virtually any date-based experience. In other words, you’re enjoying a single slice, when you could be savoring the entire magnificent pie.

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You might be a little hesitant to sign on for these additional tools, especially if you think your business is managing well enough already. We get it. That’s why we’re giving you your first two months for free. For 60 days, you get the package of your choice with no monthly charge. It’s kind of like a “choose your own adventure” book, except it all ends the same way—with your team riding a rocket-boosted unicorn off into the sunset.

Lead Generation & Automatic Nurturing
additional per month

Now, a lot of you use WaiverSign just to cover your assets (see what we did there?) regarding things like Coronavirus. Even then, we have tools that can benefit your business. We have customizable forms to capture leads in exchange for content. And we have CruiseControl, our marketing automation masterpiece, allowing you to set automated email drip campaigns to retarget your leads, encourage return customers, and ultimately track every interaction so you can tell who converts and who doesn’t.

You can get these business springboards for just an additional $25/month USD

No monthly fee for 60 days

The Full RESMARK Suite
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If you use WaiverSign, and you think it’s “bloody brilliant,” odds are good you do other things on a daily basis that RESMARK can help you with. RESMARK includes four powerful business tools: WaiverSign (we believe you’ve already met), CruiseControl (our lead gen/lead nurture powerhouse), TrueConnect (our reseller channel management tool), and RESMARK prime (our flagship online tour and activity booking software). The full suite also includes credit card processing tools, CRM, and more.

Get the whole kit-and-kaboodle for an additional $85/month USD, plus a 2% per transaction fee.

No monthly fee for 60 days