Electronic Waiver - Is it Legal?

Thanks to the Electronic Signatures in the Global and National Commerce Act, signing an electronic waiver with an electronic signature (eSign) is now considered as legally binding as a signature on paper. And, thanks to WaiverSign, gathering signatures on an electronic waiver (eWaiver) is not only incredibly easy, but also secured via SSL, OAuth 2.0, Google Cloud Storage and other top-end security protocols.

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No matter how successful your business is, nothing is more important that ensuring you are mitigating your risk and minimizing your liability exposure. Moving to an electronic waiver system not only provides much greater efficiency and accuracy, but also presents an opportunity to review your waiver documents and administration process, ensuring they are properly customized to your specific use. Here you'll find a short list of highly-qualified legal counsel who maintain a deep understanding in drafting tailor-made liability waivers, electronic waivers (eWaivers), participant terms and conditions, and vendor agreements. They also offer valuable advice on risk management, strategic business decisions and litigation.

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