The Best Waiver Software for a Small Training Gym

Jeremy Jensen  |  January 13th, 2022

WaiverSign offers tremendous perks and convenient waiver options to all sorts of businesses and organizations around the country. From major operations to small businesses, you can enjoy liability forms and tracking information right at your fingertips, including on mobile devices. See how this technology and our unique offerings can help you succeed with your operation when you take a look at the benefits we brought to BRelentless Training and Sports Performance, a gym in Morton, IL.

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    A Small Training Gym Making a Big Difference

    BRelentless is a small training gym that works with athletes of all ages from middle schoolers to professional adults. They assist student-athletes, local teams, and adults who are trying to get on track with their fitness. This operation is unique because the participants in these classes or training programs sign up online. Whether it is a team coming in or a large group ready to take a class, they all have to be prepared to sign a waiver and liability form before entering the gym.

    “WaiverSign makes it easy to get everyone's liability forms without creating extra hassle or confusion”
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    The Problem: Paper Waivers and Too Many Hats for a Small Gym Owner

    With so many people coming in and out on a regular basis, it can be difficult to track everyone down and make sure they sign a paper waiver that ends up being several pages long. Full teams can have 20-30 athletes, and even though each of them may have signed up online, each one would still have to fill out a lengthy paper waiver when they arrived at the gym.

    Convenience is one of the biggest perks that WaiverSign offers. The owner and head administrator for this small training gym wears a lot of hats. Responsible for bookkeeping, assisting, social media marketing, human resources, and so much more, it’s often hard to keep up. Because of this busy schedule and its demanding needs, there is no time to time to track down every single waiver to make sure things don't fall through the cracks.

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    WaiverSign Simplifies Waivers And All Onboarding Documents

    This is where WaiverSign comes in. WaiverSign makes it easy to get everyone's liability forms without creating extra hassle or confusion. Small training gyms like BRelentless find ways to stay organized without adding more to their plate when you rely on WaverSign services. With our convenient online options and tracking capabilities, teams can get everyone signed up before they even enter the facility. Gym staff can see who has already filled out their information rather than rifling through packets of paper just to find a name. This also makes pop-up events way easier. Rather than lugging huge stacks of paper around and asking people to read long paragraphs of information in a packet, they can fill out these waivers right on their mobile device.

    A Big Win for a Small Business

    Fitness is an important part of so many people's lives, but when you aren't exercising the right way, it can become dangerous. Being in a gym with heavy weights or heightened aerobic activity can involve some risk factors for each individual's health and security. As a strength training and performance gym, BRelentless takes its job seriously to keep every one of its athletes and trainees safe. Having the right waivers in order helps save the company from liability and lightens concerns. They know everyone is protected and kept safe from a legal standpoint as the trainers work to ensure everyone is exercising safely. With the convenient ability to download waivers at any time, it's easy to ensure that no participant has missed signing one.

    Ready to Upgrade Your Waiver and On-Boarding Process?

    Not only does WaiverSign save the team at BRelentless from worrying, but it also saves time and money. Rather than spending hours going through waivers or money on printing, all these liability forms are kept in a digital location that's completely secure. WaiverSign helps you stay organized automatically and saves you the headache of working through tedious tasks on the administration side. Start saving your time, energy, and money when you sign up for WaiverSign, so you can focus on the core aspects that are really important to your business.

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    See If WaiverSign Works For You

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