Personal Trainers & Gym Waivers

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Get your personal trainer & gym liability waiver in shape

You often focus on making sure that all muscles are strong and working seamlessly with each other. Don’t you want the same for your liability waiver? Let WaiverSign do the work for you, so you can focus on your clients.

Personal trainer and gym liability waiver on a tablet

Put your gym liability waivers on a kiosk

Set up your personal trainer and gym liability waivers on a kiosk, so your clients can sign quicker and easier than ever.

Sign personal trainer liability waivers anywhere

Allow your clients to sign their waiver wherever they want, so they are ready to go when they show up for their workout.


Companies Who Use WaiverSign

Pom Squad Fitness

WaiverSign Customer Stories

Tree Limin Extreme participants crossing rope bridge
Resmark’s online booking system and WaiverSign's digital liability solution has freed-up three staff members to focus efforts on customer service -- rather than on technical paperwork issues.
Julie Eaton Bryan, Owner
Tree Limin' Extreme
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