Salon Waivers

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Take your Salon Waiver Form Online

If you have a salon and your customers sign a waiver, you should use WaiverSign. Simplify your process and reduce the work your customers have to do, so they can start relaxing earlier.

Order confirmation list and signed salon waiver list

Setup your Salon Waiver Form on a Kiosk

Make signing your waiver easier than ever, by setting WaiverSign up on your favorite kiosk app. With a few clicks and some personal information, your customers can quickly fill out and sign their waiver.

Integrate your Salon Waivers with your Reservation System

You probably have a way to make reservations online. If you do, sync all the information you gather on your waiver directly with the reservation. If you don’t have an online reservation solution, checkout RESMARK which has WaiverSign built-in.


Companies Who Use WaiverSign

Lillix Salon for Dogs
Cili Salon Spa
Blonde Salon

WaiverSign Customer Stories

Stumpy's customers signing digital waivers
Working with WaiverSign has been a great experience. The staff is very responsive, pulls off last minute set ups and solves problems quickly. Having it on our website allows large groups to complete the waiver prior to arriving, thus speeding their entry into our locations.
Stuart Josberger, Managing Partner
Stumpy's Hatchet House
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Types of Businesses that use WaiverSign?